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Yoox sizing

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I'm having some trouble determining some sizing on some items at Yoox. Customer service is not usually very able to answer these questions, so I'm turning here. For example, take this item: http://www.yoox.com/item/CP+COMPANY/...tskay/3FD17CD7 A size 36 (USA) is a size 46 (Italian), according to the site. I trust the Italian size, since that is the 'size on tag'. Does that mean these are actually a size 30? On a few occasions, the actual dimensions are listed and sometimes these correspond to my size 30 theory, sometimes they seem like a size 36. Anyone know? Thanks, Dan
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Depends on the designer. CP company (and most Italian designers) use the same system for pants, cashual shirts, and jackets. The exceptions are for jeanswear.
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46 ITA = 30" more or less. Depends on the designer and the pants cut. I always take 46 ITA size. (well except for Costume National topwear : 48 ITA for me since I have broad chest & shoulders, for a european that is). .luc
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Yoox is SO screwed up with their sizes. All I can say for sure is that the dress shirts go by the Italian collar size in centimeters. Pants have a wacked out system. My impression was that one should always go by the Italian size and not what Yoox offers as the American equivalent, but this is little more than a guess and I gave up and won't order from them anymore.
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Yoox requires knowledge of the sizing systems of individual designers. I actually prefer this to Bluefly's system, although they have recently added the actual tag size in addition to their assessment of the size in American terms. If you learn the designers, you'll know the size. BTW, the general rule I wrote above is true of designers. Not necessarily so for the tailored makers, who more often use the international system for pants.
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