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The Wire - favourite characters!

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Okay, so i can't let it go...

i'm re-watching the first series...

of all the series, who are your favourite chracters, and why?

Bunk is a goddam superhero of mine. he's so tragically brilliant, so ravaged by being "po-lice"

A close second, Clay Davis -- sheeeeeeeet.

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Omar, McNulty, Bunk and Stringer Bell.
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Brother Mouzone
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Frank Sobotka, Bodie, Bubbles - I've got a soft spot for the characters always stuck in the middle of the bullshit that defined that "dark corner of the American experiment" known as Bal'mer.
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McNulty is a character who I often resemble (and usually not in a good way) and my friends will sometimes say "Man, you went full McNulty last night"

After the obvious - Bodie and Landsman.

Landsman, for being a bit character, really had a lot of depth to him. I remarked to a friend once, seriously, that Landsman was a much more developed character after five seasons as a bit part on the Wire than Ross Geller in ten seasons starring on Friends. I loved Landsman's poetic side and the way he balanced the necessary sucking up to Rawls with being a good police.
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Snoop, Avon, Carcetti, Michael, Slim, Bodie, Chris...Many more.
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Levy Leon
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you can not pick just one.
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Stringer and the Muslim Brother.
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Omar, Stringer Bell and McNulty. And as an aside I really like Callie Thorne (played McNulty's ex).
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How about Proposition Joe? Weebay might be the toughest from the Barksdale crew.
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Cmar for sure second Daniels - hes pretty badass
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Obama's favorite character is the safe choice, Omar. He (Obama) reminds me of Lieutenant Daniels.

Am I the only one who likes Lester?
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