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What Brands for Overcoat

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Other than Burberry, I'm looking for a raincoat that has a removable lining. I have seen some jackets like Sanyo but have not heard to much about the brand. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to pay less than $500 for the jacket
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I have a sanyo jacket but it is not a raincoat. It seems to be of pretty nice construction however i don't know to much about overcoats but i would recommend it.
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Sanyo, Ralph Lauren, Paul Stuart, Aquascutum.
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I check SierraTrading and they had a Sanyo on sale. ANy other deals out there?
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I second Aquascutum.
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I second Aquascutum.
Had I need for another raincoat, I'd get an Aquascutum too. I'm pretty impressed with their quality, and they haven't that "branded" element to them, unlike Burberry.
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Good suggestions, all. Personally, my heaviest raincoat is a full-length dark blue cotton fly-fronted Jil Sander with set-in shoulders and a zip-out lining that I'm very happy with. Also for warmer weather I've a gray silk raglan-shouldered Hickey Freeman, and for summer an ecru silk Brioni. All from Filene's Basement, Boston, and all under $200. My larger point is that it's certainly possible to find something other than Burberry or Sanyo and of course to avoid the dreaded microfiber altogether. Good luck, and let us know what you turn up.
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Thanks for the info. I will have to keep my eyes open and check some the discount stores.
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i've got one sanyo left it's a 38R khaki that was 395, i don't think it's on the site though, but i had it for $85 plus shipping.
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