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Sierra's shoe returns?

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Has anyone tested Sierra Trading Post's shoe return policy? I'm tempted to order a few pairs they have right now, but have been wary of ordering shoes via the web.
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Well, here's hoping there will be no problem because I'm about to send 2 pairs back to STP. One pair I had ordered 2 pairs of the same shoe to see which fit better, the other was seemingly the last pair they had in that shoe and I was taking a stab to see if the 9.5 would fit. Sadly it didn't. The back of their shipping receipt says in big letters: "There is no need to call for a return authorization." Of course, I treated the shoes well, only wearing them on carpet.
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A couple of months back I was tempted by some Cole Haan split toes that were reduced to $63 + shipped. They were too small for my feet (and I wear a C in most American shoes...), but didnt get around to sending them back until Dec. 20th. STP credited my account earlier this week. Not exactly instantaneous turnaround, but I got most of my money back w/o any problems (I think I spent about $20 for S/H in both directions... not too bad considering the amount of stuff that I have purchased online for discount). matt
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