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if anyone is interested, the DC store is doing a special make up of revelo long wings
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fuck those whiskey tankers are nice. It'd be great if they were available to purchase...
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
if anyone is interested, the DC store is doing a special make up of revelo long wings
Thanks. Called and they already have my size promised out!
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Trubalance v. Barrie

Had an interesting experience in the SF Alden store today while stopping by to get some paste wax.

I know a lot of discussion has taken place on this thread on how to size the Trubalance last, with different people having different approaches and experiences. But I haven't yet heard it said that the trubalance last is actually the same last as the barrie. Which is what the Alden store manager told me today.

To clarify, I asked if he meant they were sized the same. He said, no, they are the same last.

It makes no sense.
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Originally Posted by edmond_evo6 View Post
here is whiskey tanker boots from hong kong tassles.
I just died and went to heaven. Amazing.
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Lots of cigar and whiskey cordovan shoes just sitting around in the Alden factory...

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That's awesome.
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Are those Whisky Tankers cordovan? They don't have the shine I typically see on the cordo shoes, they look more like calf. Either way I love them. I really like the NST stitching on the Tanker boots for some reason...wearing my black Context Tankers right now.
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They're cordovan, they just haven't been worn in enough to get a nice shine. I like the NST also, but given the choice, I would prefer the straight up moc toe of the original indy. Maybe best to get both

Thoughts, anybody, on that Trubalance / Barrie rumor that I posted a few messages back? It's relevant to me; after much trial and error I know my size in Barrie to a T, but have never tried a Trubalance shoe.
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I think the lack of shine is just the lighting in the photo. I've seen many a pic of whiskey cords that are shiny. I'd like a pair of whiskey Indys some day.

I'm colour blind and was told that whiskey doesn't go with blue jeans (pretty much all I wear) as well as khaki so I guess I'll have to wait until I mature enough to appreciate wearing khaki pants... Right now I'm gunning for something in ravello.
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I second the ravello lust; I saw someone on the street wearing what appeared to be ravello chukkas and they looked incredible.
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revello is definitely nice, although I still think whisky is king
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How does whiskey age? I've seen a few scattered posts mentioning that it looks great as it ages. I've seen a few more observing that it actually doesn't develop as nice a patina as the darker colors.

There isn't enough pics of well worn whisky in the forum or on the 'net in general. A few days ago I turned up a pic of some well worn whiskey longwings (alliteration not intentional) and the truth was they didn't look as phenomenal as I hoped or expected from a rare, expensive cordovan shoe. At least not in the photographs. I would love see some thrashed, super-soft, highly developed whiskeys at the peak of their beauty.
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I like revello because I don't like #8 or black, and that gives me two colours to play with in cordovan.
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^what about cigar?

I'm not a fan of black cordovan either. I used to dislike #8 but changed my mind a bit when i saw these older indies in another sf thread (this photo gets recycled a bit as an example of worn cigar, color 8, etc):

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