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Originally Posted by shaunw View Post

I sat on hold at TSM for a while before I got a person. The 10D #8 indy boot was gone or only shown in error......bummer........the 9.5d black shell indy's are kind of tempting but I'm guessing they are gone now too.

Sorry fellas, I purportedly got the #8 Indys and V-tips. Received my email confirmation, so fingers crossed that they ship and are in good shape. Pretty excited.

I have a pair of tan suede v-tips that I absolutely love, which is why I excited about these #8s.

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finally got the black monks i've been pining for! success! 

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Originally Posted by bobbyc17 View Post

Thats weird.  I was able to purchase a pair and receive confirmation via email.   I would call back ASAP.

puzzled.gif Maybe they don't like me?!
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the wholeTSM irregulars process is unreliable and fickle at best. I have been lucky a few times when I called and they had what I was looking for so I'm not complaining. fing02[1].gif


the emails don't typically go out to everyone at the exact same time. Frequently I see here in this thread that people have received the email but sometimes later the same day or even the following day I will get a list. I have asked for several sizes ranging from 9.5 to 10.5 since depending on the shoe/boot and last my required size could be quite variable. I usually get the 9.5D, 9.5E, and 10D lists. Today for example though I got everything I have ever requested 9.5D, 9.5E, 10C, 10D, 10E, and 10.5D, which I think is a first. Its like playing the lottery imo.......

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shaunw, my experience exactly. Well said - it definitely feels like playing roulette.
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i just dislike how long it takes TSM to process returns. I haven't had any issues with the ordering part.
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Originally Posted by sellran View Post

I'm one of those guys that just spent $425 on one of the Horween single piece cordovan belts. I know it's ridiculous but I got the dark cognac and it goes with cigar and ravello really well. The idea is that it will last me a long long time.

So like others on this thread, I don't like the buckle. Anyone know a good source for brushed nickel or silver buckles that are worthy a $400 piece of horse ass?
sellran, the Horween one piece shell belts are really awesome. If I was going to replace the buckle I'd do something personal and bespoke. Italian 925 sterling silver, engraved with your initials of course, would look spectacular. Start with Tiffany's and work your way up, or down, from there.
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A 9D (my Barrie size) in Leydon is literally unwearable. I have a Leydon in 9.5D that is arguably too small. I wear a very thin sock.
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My TSM seconds email shows a Barrie lasted cigar PTB in 10.5 for $399... Someone should call about those. I'm not in the market but that's a lot of shoe for the price

Edit: bunch of other gems on both the 11 and 10.5 lists actually... Color 8 monks in 11 (Barrie), Natty CXL chukkas also barrie and 11... Tremont lasted color 8 short wings in 11... Wish I had the funds to go crazy. Hope someone does
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Just ordered a 2938 off the seconds list. I've never seen these in person, but it appears they're the unlined ptb. Can anyone who has this model confirm? Does the lack of lining affect the fit?

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For Uncle smile.gif


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On the matter of the Horween shell one piece belt: I have various belts in dark browns, mid browns, tans, burgundy, black, etc. - some with silver buckles; some with gold. I like the variety. These days, at least for some makers/retailers**, it seems almost an oddity that a gold buckle is used. However, given the lapse of time, this, of course, will change, and some will find it odd that silver buckles are being used.

** one noteable exception being BB, which essentially always carries both
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Better bet with seconds is the call the store, I've ordered through there and it's a lot more shell available usually

Also only got one size in my email today 10.5D which is weird. Anybody get a 10E list and are there any indys there?
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Originally Posted by Don L View Post

For Uncle smile.gif

thank you
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