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The Gos has some wonderful films and funny rom-coms, just don;t go into viewing them without a few drinks.

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Originally Posted by ClambakeSkate View Post

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a hipster (early 30s, hold a bachelor of fine arts, ride a track bike, drink PBR and bourbon, wear tight pants, romanticize living below my means, etc.) but I own color 8 Wingtip Boots with DARK edge trim/welting.

Figure that one out.



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Here is an interesting fact the terms hippie and beatnik were both coined by Herb Caen a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle . When I was going to college in the early 70s I hung with a group of vietnam vet hippies living off the GI bill .We would gather every morning at the student union and reading Herb Caen was a required ritual . He was quite a character
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So a google of Alden and Hipster turned up this




Interesting to me I have never seen Alden restoration oil lock leather. 


I would not doubt this blogger has been to this thread.



Ps my favorite hipster are Mumford hipsters and the Steampunk victorian era kind, not the steampunk future in space types.


Also the 1940's pin-up models female hipster. Out here in the rural Boroughs it's a rare sight 

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Kerouac is the best known beatnik - I think he is not very hipster to todays standard, but hipsters love his message.

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meh.  the term 'hipster', or at least it's use as a derogatory term says more about the person that uses it than it says about the person it is directed at.

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You have got to be kidding. Is there any universe in any dimension when any of that could be remotely appealing or desirable?

Never have I been so pleased to be old and out of it!
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The character Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld was described as a " dufus hipster" iirc by Jerry
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"hipster dufus"

and the term hipster is so overused it has lost all meaning.

that flannel pic posted by MH only reminds me of SW&D circa 2006

can we get back to posting shoes and calling everyone uncles and nephews and neglecting to use the spoiler tags
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Herb Coen was an original. Great writer and defined and reflected San Fran.
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Originally Posted by englade321 View Post

Originally Posted by mediahound View Post

'Hipster' looks have definitely changed over the years. I do not recall a time in the past where it was ever a 'lumberjack' look like it is today. 

It was things like greased back hair and black leather jackets, then later, bell bottoms and long hair. 

The lumberjack look seems fairly recent. 

You guys ever hear of grunge?
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Uncle Mac is the Original Hipster. Respect.
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Originally Posted by BeSpiffington View Post

Uncle Mac, just like you promised, your #8 NST's are looking good.

thank you
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Originally Posted by 100 yrs View Post

could anyone post a fit pic of a #8 straight tip blucher (model 2160), preferably with jeans or casual pants? google image search turns up a pic of mac wearing some with corduroys that looks great, but would like another angle.

anecdotal evidence on the aberdeen i've seen - wider heel and narrow toe box... correct? 9D plaza = 9D aberdeen?

the #8 straight tip is an alden classic. this shoe is on the Aberdeen last. I have worn it in the last 60 days wearing bills khakis
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Let's hear it for Bill's the trouser of chioce!

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