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Originally Posted by Nick V. View Post

I'm trying to convince the people at Saphir to extend this product line by adding the colors Whiskey and Ravello.
Any interest out there in it?
It would help me make my case with them.

why wouldn't they? i was told 70% of horween leather orders go to alden. so why wouldn't a manufacturer of cordovan care products want to appeal to 70% of the cordovan market?

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After a long hunt, i finally got these whiskey longwings at Alden SF today. Break in starts now!


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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

I'd actually just ordered a bit of this from Hanger Project last week, so we'll see what more I can do. I ordered the Neutral, wanting to use it across my various colors while not wanting to get a bunch of individual jars. If it's that big of a benefit though, may have to consider individual colors.

I use all the colors and neutral. Of the colors, I use burgundy most often.
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nice to see some pairs brought back to life in the last few pages
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Originally Posted by Bakes11771 View Post

New Arrival:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

36630: Cigar Tassel

I'm very pleased with them at first impression.  It is my fourth shell purchase so far this year, but I had to pull the trigger because they were available at SF in my size, and I didn't know how long they would last, or when they would be restocked if I missed the opportunity.  I think I can go a while without buying anything now.  Only things really left on my list are Ravello LHS, "Thor" Boot if it materializes, and perhaps Black Shell and Mocha Kid Suede Tassel, but I'm not sure I would really wear either of those last two enough to justify the purchase.

They are in pretty good shape, no significant defects that I have noticed yet.  (Just a small knick on the toe, shown in the last picture)  They aren't as shiny as my other pairs, but I know how to fix that when I'm ready.

Maiden Voyage pics coming soon!


wear in good health your cigar tassels
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Originally Posted by Don L View Post

looking good in your gunboats
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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

Update on a longrunning restoration project:

Many readers will remember a pair of 974s that I've been loving back to life via the Mac Method. Just wanted to do a photo update of how they're progressing.

Ebayed in Dec. '11. Arrived very dark and caked with black polish through the creases.

After a little basic brushing in Feb. '12.

A little more concerted brushing in April '12, and maybe a first Reno application.

On Mac's consultation, began wetting down the blackened sections with a heavily damp cloth and scrubbing off the embedded black polish. Texture began to change over the toes with increased pressure.

After a Mac Method session in Jul. '12 or so.


Eggplant brilliance has reappeared over the toebox. Have also begun spooning out old, stubborn creases, and the shoe looks far improved structurally. Really beginning to shine back up with little brushing.

Just wanted to throw up this string of photos for anyone debating on battered Ebay shell. I snagged these for <$100, and while it's taken work and time, I have nonetheless enjoyed wearing them. If the shoe is structurally sound, shell can often come back from abuse and still look great. No doubt the process above would have been sped up as well if I'd focused on it more frequently, but it's been more of a pet project than anything. Focus a bit, leave it, and come back. Keep up your brushing, and use Reno sparingly.

The Method works!

thank you for posting. your efforts have been rewarded
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Originally Posted by Don L View Post

I have both Whiskey and Cigar LHS and you can't go wrong with either.  Light or Dark.....It will depend on what you will wear with them..
You know thew real answer and that is that you need both cool.gif

Welcome to the maddness

Thanks, Don. I'm awaiting the arrival of the whiskeys and hope to high heaven Kathy and I figured out sizing ok. Once I know the proper lhs fit for me, I may well order the cigars right away. Do you definitely think cigar lhs trumps color 8?

If you wouldn't mind it, would you or any others on this thread mind posting a lineup of whiskey and cigar lhs's? I'd be very appreciative!!
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Originally Posted by Bakes11771 View Post

I would have said go 8.5C, but you can always exchange.  Doubt she would have had the Whiskey in that size anyway.  #8 She probably would.  For #8 LHS you might want to check out the unlined Brooks Brothers version. 

How bout some pics of your collection when the new shoes arrive?

Edit: Also, if you are looking for Beefrolls/Cape Cod type loafers and are not opposed to breaking away from Alden, check out Rancourt.  They have a thread on SF too.

Thanks, Bakes. You're right. Kathy and most retailers can probably do color 8 lhs's in most widths with an approx 4-day turnaround time if Alden can get the shoe out to them right away. The whiskey situation was of course restricted to whatever she had in stock. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that sizing works out. If not, I guess we try for cigar then a color 8. Still hoping others will chime in about which shells are most versatile as lhs's. As I said in an earlier post, these will be pretty dressed down for spring and summer. Can I wear any of the shell lhs's with shorts or does a guy get banned from the thread for thinking like that? 🙈

Re the unlined Bb lhs, what are the pros and cons of getting an unlined shoe? (Reminds me I've been thinking about going for an unlined Alden chukka in suede--Leffot comes to mind) How does it do in terms of fit, shoe creasing and style versatility? How is BB o deal with in terms of shipping, returns and exchanges?

Will definitely think about the Rancourt, although the Alden bug makes it feel like buying another brand is tantamount to cheating on my lovely wife. I feel like I can barely look at all the poor AEs in the closet; they've been abandoned like Eponine from Les Mis!

I'll definitely work on posting pics of the Aldens I've come into. Might have to wait a bit: some of them have yet to be smuggled home yet so DW doesn't freak out about my little spree 😇

One last thought: does anyone ever argue for the Alden beef rolls over the lhs? I know it might sound nuts or maybe just the buyers remorse that one can't buy all models one is considering. Just curious to hear folks' take on loafer styling in general.

Sorry for the long post!!
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Originally Posted by BeSpiffington View Post

Darn you Docalden. That was my exact plan this morning. Like a dry drunk I fought temptation all day. Now I'll be wandering all night if she has any grail coloured LHS shoes in my size. Hey brother, can you tell a fellow sufferer what kind of edge treatment those whiskeys will have? Does the LHS from Alden DC have a water lock sole? Man, I think I'm losing it. Doc, if I call Kathy tomorrow and they don't have my size in a whiskey or cigar LHS, I'll kill ya'. Just kidding! :-). Congratulations on a fine score. Looking forward to some pics.

Mr Spifington,
I know what you mean. Despite the busy day I had yesterday, i was preoccupied by the LHSs like Frank Gallagher hankering for a drink in Shameless. Finally, I had the last free moment of the day before getting slammed with patients and there was no turning back, I just had to call Alden of DC, like a moth to a flame.

No idea about the edge dressing or specifics on the sole. It was definitely a Pre-contemplated impulse purchase, so I didn't have the thousands of questions to bombard her with as I do when I buy a watch or a car. Ill definitely post pics later this week. (Still working on taking good pics. Don't want to carry my dslr kit with me all the time but don't want to embarrass myself here as I'm new on the forum and I want Mac's approval 😳

Good luck on calling Kathy and Joe. Ill keep my fingers crossed for you, if only so you won't come after me smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Profligate47 View Post

They were mine. Glad you like them! I needed a size down... Enjoy...


In action for a rainy day in Atlanta.....thanks again!

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Unionmade just put up a great pair of Chukkas IMO. #8, Barrie Last with Commando sole...

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Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

Unionmade just put up a great pair of Chukkas IMO. #8, Barrie Last with Commando sole...
Very tempting!
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Hi guys, just looking for a little advice. I'd been sporadically wearing a pair of AF89 Leydon last black high boots I bought from Alden of Carmel a while back. I had hoped that, based on my previous sizing decisions, the boots would fit well. All AE 8E's have been fine, I fit comfortably in 8E Aberdeens, and I fit a 7.5E Truebalance pretty well. However, these boots have always had been snug all around, with an annoying toe pinch that I was hoping would go away. Alas, it has not, and I'll probably be putting them up for sale relatively soon.

I was thinking about a replacement for after I sell them, and I was thinking about some cordovan wingtip boots from AoC. I just love the commando sole for casual wear in NYC. Great shock absorbing and I don't have to worry about slipping and killing myself. Unfortunately, that does seem to largely limit me to AoC. Right now, the only size they have that might work for me is a 9E Leydon. Is there any chance going up a size might fix the problems I'd been having with pinky toe pinch? In theory the curve on the toe box would start later. They don't have my size in Barrie right now, and the comando sole is not all that popular elsewhere.

Let me know what you think.
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Originally Posted by Roguls View Post

Nick and all the other gents:

perhaps we should pilot a forum member's turpentine-free, non-toxic formula. He has a light brown (whiskey + ravello-heads):

American Homemade Stuff

I don't think I'll ever put any wax on cordovan (Reno and Mac Method for me as of yet), but call me in 10 years to confirm.

Thanks for this post. Planning on ordering some shortly and will report on my thoughts.

Also, enjoy those Ground Grippers. That are a very nice boot and it is interesting to heat the leather is now rare. Alden only seems to make with rare hides. ;-)
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