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Can someone comment on the brown grain calfskin from Alden? Is it a versatile brown?

I have a walnut grain from AE, and I'm wondering how it compares to the Alden brown grain.
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Originally Posted by DBate View Post

Gentlemen, asking for your advice...

Has anyone of you experience how long it usually takes Leather Soul to answer to emails (to their info@... address)? I sent them a message about two days ago and haven't heard anything yet. By now I think my mail might have been marked as spam by their system as I put a link (to a pair of shoes on their website) in it, and some systems tend to filter out mails with links from unknown senders as spam. I am thinking now about sending the mail again without the link, but don't want to bother them with several inquiries about the same thing in case it's normal for them to take some time with the answer.


e-mail the manager of whatever store your interested in purchasing. all of their e-mails are on the site. i always purchase from LSBH, therefore i e-mail Bryan who never takes more than 24-48 hours to respond.
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Bryan is also the only one there most days, unless they hired Joel full time.

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I think this may have been asked before but I can't find it in the thread...Anyone ever remove the pull tabs from their boots? These tabs on my #4 boots are annoying me. Pants keep getting caught on them!
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Originally Posted by Bakes11771 View Post

I can identify with both your and Uncle's position.  As Uncle mentioned, you see a lot of tassels with suits in the NY metro area, particularly from a certain demographic.  As you mentioned, tradition dictates balmores with suits, and that is what I would wear if I were going on a job interview, as it is considered more formal.  However, if I were comfortable in my position, and if it conformed to company culture, I would not hesitate to wear a loafer with suit, be it a Gucci horse bit, LHS, tassel or other.

FWIW, I've been told that the Balmores with suit rule is adhered to more closely in Europe, and that loafers with a suit is considered "very American".

I also understand what you mean when you say that you are not comfortable doing it personally.  There are many clothing combinations that are considered acceptable that I am personally not comfortable doing. (Red pants w. #8 for example)

Thanks for the post.

To be clear, I said "Traditional rules of fashion dictate that slip-ons (tassels, full strap, LHS, etc.) not be worn with suits." And to this rule I strictly adhere.

To also be clear, traditional rules of fashion dictate only balmorals with suits. To this rule I do not strcitly adhere. IMO, many bluchers are as dressy, if not dressier, than many balmorals - e.g., Alden for BB shell captoe blucher in color 8. And there are some monks, single or double, that are plenty dressy.

I would surmise that many in the "tassels are okay with suits" crowd would stop short of advocating an LHS with a suit. An LHS - which I have in color 8 and whiskey - is, IMO, at least one notch, if not 2 or 3 notches, down on the formal/casual scale.
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^LHS does have the word "leisure" in its name. :-)
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^True on all counts.  Sorry for misquoting you.



Edit: While I am ballsy enough to wear LHS with a suit where corporate and local culture permit, I don't think I could do boot with a suit, even it it was a balmore boot.


Which do you think is lower on the formality spectrum, in the context of wearing with a suit?  For question's sake, we'll say cap-toe blucher boot or LHS.


To add another twist, what if the boot had a commando sole?

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Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Congratulations. This is from Alden Madison Ave? Out of interest do they have a closed heel or a 360 degree welt? And photos, of course.


These. 270 Barbour welt, eyelets and hooks, double leather sole. 2nd favorite iteration next to Epaulets, which is the same but with all eyes.
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I would feel more comfortable with a Boot (even with Commando sole) than an LHS with a suit.

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Originally Posted by smdbitchh View Post

I was looking for a pair of black shell plain toe boots..went up to the madison store today and they had my size in.

originally wanted the pitt boot but they have long been sold out

Or this one



Well I am going to buy either one of these tomorrow they are pretty close beside sole and last. Any opinions on which one. This will of course be a more casual boot so jeans and chinos with maybe a sport coat not tie
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Well hard to tell from my pictures but one is from NY alden and the other Carmel. Appears only difference visible is sole and welt
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Aldens were 30% off with corporate last month

thwap.  thwap.  thwap.  thwap.


That's the sound of me kicking myself.

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I don't know about the LHS, but I see plenty of guys in Gucci bit loafers and full strap penny loafers (like these from Allen Edmonds : http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4809_1_40000000001_-1) all time in NYC. There is something about the hand stiching of the LHS that makes it look very casual for a suit.

For suits, I wear shortwing or longwing bluchers, balmoral captoes and wingtips, and tassel loafers. I also wore PTBs with suits (when I owned them) and would do so again. I have an EG monk strap shoe on order than I plan on wearing with suits.

I purchased black shell balmoral boots a while back. They were a bad purchase (I wear them too rarely for the cost and given they are Rider boots, they have little resale value), but I don't see why you couldn't wear that with a grey suit. Also, I don't see why you couldn't wear a captoe cordovan boot on a double leather sole with a suit. I wouldn't wear my commando sole cigar captoe with a suit (though I have worn them with wool trousers before).
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Originally Posted by Al_Merick View Post

I received these yesterday, courtesy of Alcibiades! This is my first pair of shell and I know this is going to become an unhealthy problem. At any rate, I love this thread and will continue to admire and envy some of you!

Wow those have great color

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Originally Posted by Michael Haines View Post

Well hard to tell from my pictures but one is from NY alden and the other Carmel. Appears only difference visible is sole and welt

AoC has a barrie straight tip cordovan and a plain toe in trubalance (both black shell). Both have the commando sole.

The black calf Indy gets no love but is an excellent makeup from them. I really wish someone would do a Pitt boot style in a different last than the barrie. May have to Vass mto....
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