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would love ravello boots
and if I'm spending $700+
I wanna be really excited
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I'm on the wait list for the #8 PCT boots at J.Crew and was waiting on a 11/14 ship date. Was informed this morning that it is now delayed with a ship date of 2/25/13. Disappointed as I was hoping to be wearing them in a week.

I'd consider dropping out but it's a nice boot at a decent price and I have a 10% discount on them so I'm going to hang in there.
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PSA: cigar PTB restocked at Alden SF. Size 10 is already gone.

I love them, but totally broke at the moment plain.gif

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I had a dream (nightmare?) last night where I was caught in the rain wearing a pair of non-Alden Defendered Alden shells on their maiden voyage, and severe welting immediately ensued.
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Originally Posted by CTYGGG View Post

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
AoC Cigar LWB
This is a gorgeous shade of Cigar. Love the lighter undertones.
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Do you guys prefer Alden or Allen Edmonds? I love both but can't decide! Aldens on the left.










Also I just started a thread on this--"

Allen Edmonds Vs. Alden--Which American Great Do You Prefer?!! OFFICIAL"


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Are you wearing a different pair of pants on each leg? Bravo

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Originally Posted by CTYGGG View Post



smart lookin'

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Here's my plain toe boots natural chromexcel in modified last resoled by Don Ville / Willies Shoe repair in La Brea.

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I bought some park avenues today and have an issue:  My left foot is a little wider than my right foot.  The right shoe fits perfectly, but the left shoe feels a little tight on the outer-left side.  I'm not sure if I should just live with it or if there's another solution.  


Any thoughts?

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^ Yeah, that would never happen with Alden satisfied.gif
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^ Seems like a great question for the AE forum.  I think we all have this problem to some degree, as no two feet are the same, including your own two feet.  I buy shoes for my larger foot, and the smaller foot thus gets a little more room.  Sounds like you did just the opposite, so you may either need to wear them a bit until the leather stretches, and if it doesn't, look into having them stretched.  Or you can return them and get a size wider if it isn't too late.  The last on which Park Aves are made is the longest/narrowest made by AE.

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Sorry, I thought I was posting in the AE thread.  Thanks for responding though.

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Did a lil mac method to my Alden shoes tonight. Thinking a PTB or some sort of suede boot is next to purchase.. dunno


(They both are much darker in real life for some reason)
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