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Also went with #4 on the 4th, but with the Saddleback Leather BC
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grant captoe boot and filson 258 in dark brown. no pic - in advanced trial methods class and would look bizarre taking a pic of my outfit.
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Originally Posted by mcwilson07 View Post

This has probably been discussed but I can't really find a definitive answer. I really want a pair of unlined chukkas in snuff suede but I live in Seattle. I've heard that high quality full grained leather suede will hold up to the elements well as long as it is given a chance to dry. Is this generally true? I rarely find my shoes get soaked but they will get a little wet walking around and I will make sure to dry them before wearing them again (always give me shoes 24 hours in shoe trees anyway). Am I just throwing money away or getting stuck with a summer shoe here?

They are pretty minimal. I passed on a pair due to your concerns - they would not see much action outside of summer around here. That and they kind of look like elf shoes... 

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I wouldn't call them elf shoes, but they are more tapered in the toebox than other Aldens. Look at a full lace boot with a leather liner. Check J Gilbert or Alden of Carmel for something in a commando sole. Personally, I would still spray them with suede protector, but that can change the color of the shoe.
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haha had my ravello ptbs with my otter 257 today, no pics neither. Just browsed through my phone to see if I had any with Filson, did find a marlow one with filson
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I use boot trees on my Truebalance boots, split toe tree for the Modified last shoes/boots, and full toe trees for the remaining.

Originally Posted by grendel View Post

What do you guys use for shoe trees for your Alden boots? I have lots of regular shoe trees, but no boot trees... but I'm not sure if that's important for boots that just go over your ankles?

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Fenway, where did you find that star tag? The bag and boots look great together. I love that about my chestnut SB briefcase and Indys.
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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post

#4 in Alaska Air lounge.

I've been meaning to ask if anyone has had issues at airport security with Aldens and their steel shanks.
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Sup SWD. This is like my 4th lifetime post on this side of the pond.

So, Im clueless about Alden and where to kop - obviously I want the least expensive prices around. Any dealers I should know about? Shoe Mart is looking too expensive.
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^ wowowowowow, the spoomeister. here?

Alden is hard to find on sale especially if there is a specific model you are after. the best value for Aldens is found on the shoe mart seconds emails list. Shell is $400 and calf is $300

call the shoe mart and ask to be put on their seconds list which comes out about every 4 months. not as good as they used to be but you can discover a few gems
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another option thats worked for some (myself included) is getting news of an imminent sale at either brooks bros. or J Crew and planning accordingly. Usually they remove aldens when a sale goes online, but if you place a pair in your cart the night before you may get lucky.
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#4 near the beach.
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^ you must have flown to Hawaii?

i remember a similar pic from about this time last year. oh how i miss it there :/
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Time for some new soles. Thinking about going with some Vibram chunkiness.





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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post

#4 near the beach.

damn dude, the creases on the left shoe make it seem like those are #4 sizes too big on you.
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