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The hole in this argument is that you can't usually buy the shoe you want with the sole you want. More frequently than not the sole is my biggest problem with a shoe. Alden makes beautiful shoes that can kill you on wet surfaces or they just fall apart and you have to hope that they will help you out (which of course takes begging and months before you get help). Alden won't always be this popular. The trend setters promoting them will move on to other producers, and that is when old men like me may be their biggest/only customers. Unfortunately we may have moved on as well. Alden's good looking shoes may not always be enough. Just because you've been around a hundred years doesn't mean you'll get another hundred.

That all said I do hope as they deal with swelling demand caused by jcrew and others, that they figure out how to enhance customer service as well.
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Worked at the county fair today and got hit by some pre-Irene rain--Indy's held up great!


After a quick hit with the hose:
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Wow! That is cool ^^^^^^

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Originally Posted by ozzyboo View Post



Re-quoted for awesomenessssss...
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Those are beautiful shoes and boots - burnished tan calf skin on the Hampton last (5300 HKD for the boots; 4800 HKD for the shoes). For my money the special make-ups that Alden DC did in Ravello are a better purchase than the shoes. The boots are intriguing but at close to $700 for a pair of calf skin boots it isn't hard to pass (for me...at this moment...).
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Not to switch the topic from the always interesting issue of Alden quality, but saw this post in Hyperbeast about a new collaboration between Alden and Obscura magazine, sold through Tassels in Hong Kong I assume. Both models are based on old prototypes that never made it into production and use a new leather that supposedly we'll be seeing more of in the future. Interesting Q&A that provides some perspective of Alden's Asian market.



I saw those too. They look GREAT!! I would like one of those leather shoe horns as well. I travel with a freebie plastic AE version. I kinda like the leather Alden version.
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Alden just last week refused my request for commando soles. The guy on the phone said it was "too much trouble" for them. They are sending them back. He was adamant that they only now replace soles with exactly what they were originally made on. I offered to pay whatever it took to get what I wanted. I live in NYC so will take my shoes to B. Nelson and see how they do. And I'll think twice before buying another pair of overpriced Aldens.

Pathetic. I am going to call there today to see if there's anything they can do, otherwise, I'll send out to B Nelson..
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This whole restoration jag we have gotten into sucks. I thought this thread was supposed to about the shoes we all love. It has evolved into a bunch of crying about what sole you get when you refurb your old shoes. Buy the shoe with the f@cking sole you wanted the first time around!!!

Refurbishment in and of itself is pretty cool. I can't believe they do it for the price they charge. Let's face it. We live in a disposable, single use world. I go through computers faster than shoes then the computer gets trashed.

Enough crying! If you don't like there policies write them a letter, burn your shoes and find a new favorite shoe. Or, better idea, start an "I hate Alden's refurb policy" thread and leave this one to fan boys who like shoe porn.

Can I get an Amen?!? smile.gif

Jesus Christ man, this is a clothing forum. Get used to it.
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^ Additionally, Alden's recrafting service is part of what makes them such an attractive value proposition to some -- being able to have your years-old shell shoes recrafted into basically new shoes for $125-$150 and have them last years more. The only other shoemaker making goodyear welted shoes in this price range that offers a similar service is Allen Edmonds, I believe, and for some of us, despite AE's generally excellent QC their subpar styling makes them less of an option for a shoe purchase to begin with (although I would call the Park Aves a relative bargain and a good-looking shoe).


All of which is to say, if you are going to spend $700 on a pair of shoes, the recrafting program is an assurance that they will be able to last for decades, given proper care. So it's definitely important for people in this thread! I've never had a pair of Aldens recrafted, and am definitely interested to hear about others' experiences.

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brown horse bit loafers
argyles otc
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PSA - Winn Perry has 30% off their remaining stock as of Wednesday.  Anyone who wears an 11D in the Barrie last can score some sweet Cigar PTB w/ crepe sole for $445 + shipping.  Other models & sizes available.  Use coupon code "lastcall" for discount.






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If only the boots had been an 11.
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Thanks for the PSA, I just bought the last pair of those boots 12D. It is exactly what I was looking for. And a great price.
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Thanks for the PSA, I just bought the last pair of those boots 12D. It is exactly what I was looking for. And a great price.

I thought about grabbing them and then saw they were on the Barrie last. I didn't know you were a 12.5 beowulf.

Great deal.
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my foot is a 12E on the brannock and i wear 11.5E barrie and 12E grant. think the 12D in the earth chamoise will fit me? i know it may stretch, but i don't want it to look like a brown sock.
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I am really a 11.5 in a barrie, but I will be going in to the doctor to get fitted for orthotics so I figure for 400 bucks. Why not biggrin.gif
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