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@sevenfoldtieguy that's just me thinking aloud. I doubt I'll unload them. I need to stop babying them and just wear them. I sold a pair of shoes (actually boots) for the first time last week and had some ideas about making some room for other makeups.
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I've been looking at these chukkas for about 4-5 days now trying to decide if I should pull the trigger or not. I'm about to give in and order them. My main hesitation was with how wide or clunky they'll look since they're on the TruBalance last. But that last is so comfortable and I figure at worst case, they won't be any clunkier than Clarks DBs and I can live with that.


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I now have all my packages sent to work. I still get strange looks but at least there I'm the boss.
I do the same, but my mailman gets so mad at me carrying extra boxes. He quit delivering them would tell the PO i was closed.I complained that he gets salty just doing his job, he was "let go" all in the name of alden
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Going out for dinner with the family , Leffot Color 8 Dovers , first time I wear these with Denim and I like the look.(sorry for the poor pic).
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Damn! Plaza last?



Originally Posted by ReppTiePrepster View Post

Exquisite!  :worship2:



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Awesome boots. These from TSM are among the top of my list.


Sick. Love Ravello.


Very nice. Just got these on Christmas, excited for some of the combinations they create. Been wanting them for a good while.



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Dude! Killer.

I'm sort of glad these makeups aren't readily available because you guys would have cost me a couple grand just today.


thanks for the kind words gentlemen. yes, plaza lasted. started raining about an hour ago, will finish the day wearing adidas.


2015 alden list:

epaulet alt-weins

madison ravello swb

madison whiskey sw boot

leather soul suede sw boot

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My top 3 would be

Leffot tanker or naval in #8
nst shoe or chukka in ravello or cigar
Cigar Indy

For stock models, I'm planning on #8 nst and some kind of boot on commando.
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These winters really cramp my style. Although I'll take 180 inches of snow and counting;)  

Keep counting!  I'm booked for Jackson in March.  Can't wait.  

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I have no issue getting them in to the house. It's when I eventually wear them that shes like 'wait, I haven't seen these before'. I usually wait a few weeks before wearing them and tell her I've had them for a while. Or I usually sell an old pair and tell her I bought these with that money (even though the dollar amounts are significantly different of course).

This, this, and this.  

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Keep counting!  I'm booked for Jackson in March.  Can't wait.  

Oh we aren't done yet. The coverage is great. It's -12 currently but this should break in a day or two and more snow on the way. March is always a great time. Maybe we will get some Alden Army laps in when you're out. I work for the Ski Resort.
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Do you guys store your shoes in the bags?
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Wingtips today
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I don't. I posted a few hours ago a pic of how most of mine are stored on a shelf.
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I am in good company for 2015 as my list is very similar to Mr. Dv

Pre-Orders coming in

1. TSM Ravello NST Boot
2. Madison Whiskey Wingtip Boot
3. Epaulet #8 Alt Wein

I am going to slow down the Alden buying (I hope) and hopefully only add one more pair to the above list, a Reverse Chamois boot with a Commando Sole.

I am also strongly considering unloading some lesser worn shoes but I have never sold a pair of Alden's and don't know how well I would do with the separation anxiety. lol8[1].gif

My alden resolution for 2015 - No more than 4 (net) new shoes/boots.
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2014 Acquisitions:

  • Cigar LHS in 9D
  • Color 8 LHS in 9C (new old stock--sweet!)
  • Leffot Color 8 Naval Boots
  • Leffot Color 8 Dovers
  • Harrison LTD CXL Chukkas
  • Epaulet Innsbruck Indy


Came and went:

  • Tan suede Dovers
  • Ravello LHS



  • DC Ravello Captoe (Sandra Day Tripper??)
  • DC Cigar Captoe
  • DC Ravello LWB
  • LS Snuff SW Boot


Stock want list:

  • Snuff Dover in C width (takes some planning)


Left nut list:

  • Cigar SW Boot on Commando (bonus points for Plaza)


Plus, of course, other things unimagined that strike my fancy along the way (like the Chamois Captoe boot I just missed.  If anyone is unhappy with their 9D, please PM me!)


Other goals for 2015: maintain heresy and remain uninterested in all things NST, PT, shell indy, and bal.  

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I'll join in. Started this hobby this year.

2014 Acquisitions (in order):
  • Snuff Suede Dover
  • DC Cigar Captoes
  • Leffot Color 8 Antique LWB
  • Leffot Ravello Day Trippers

On preorder:
  • Leffot Natural CXL Indy's on Commando
  • TSM Ravello NST Boot

I'm pretty satisfied with my collection. The following are the potential "last" Aldens I want:
  • A boot in Color 8. Probably the Leffot Tanker or Naval boot.
  • Ravello LWB
  • 405s.

Going to be picking up a few Vibergs this year as well. Really loving the Dainite sole of late.
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