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Originally Posted by modernman76 View Post

I have the Fat Herbie and love it.  Can't even feel it compared to my old tri-fold wallet (no lump butt anymore).  This new wallet 'Tony the Ant' looks appealing.



This was my design and Phil at Ashland obliged my request and made it for me out of marbled shell. Is it now a standard design at Ashland? Maybe I need to change careers and become a shell wallet designer.
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Recent topic was belts. Rancourt has Black Friday sale with 10% off entire site starting 12:00am Friday. Code is BLACK FRIDAY

See Ya,
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Coinopcollector next time you design a wallet how about one with a visible section for a license. It makes it so easy when asked for your ID.

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Hi all. After a multi month wait I've just received my first pair of Alden (and cordovan) shoes! They are the Alden cap toe cordovan boots for JCrew.

As an owner of several pairs of AE shoes I am very impressed by the craftsmanship of these boots. They are simply beautiful.

I was a little afraid on the sizing as I've never tried a shoe on in this last, but from first try on they feel as though they will fit great. Phew!

Two pictures and associated questions. Hopefully you'll humor me:
There's a section of the leather right behind the toe cap that is lighter than the rest. It's not so different that it's stands out when looking down while standing but it caught my eye when lacing them. Is this typical that the dyeing would show such contrast? Not thrilled on potentially waiting for an exchange, but given the price...

I presume this texture is just from a heavy layer of wax. Do you all typically remove some of the wax that comes on your shoes from the factory?

Thanks for any input.
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If those are the only imperfections that you have found, then you have made out very well.

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Originally Posted by Bakes11771 View Post

If those are the only imperfections that you have found, then you have made out very well.
A definite +1. ochong, the J Crew pct's are a great way to start your shell collection. Congrats and wear them in good health.
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Thanks for the input guys. I love them, but you know how it goes some times... Just thought I'd ask this extremely knowledgable group!
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TBH Och those pcts look pretty good. Given the state of some of the previous Alden QC complaints, I would say you did well.
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Originally Posted by GooseG View Post

A little offbeat...

Any Beckman owners in here? I'm curious about the sizing on these. My 8.5D Trubalance (9D Brannock) is a perfect fit for reference.

FWIW, my Beckmans are my Barrie size or .5 down from brannock. They need much more break in time than other boots (Alden shell/CXL, 1K, OSB Trench, etc.) but once broken in, they fit very well. Had I gone TTS, I'd be swimming in them. After a year of wear, I still need relatively thick socks.
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When I travel I almost always reach for a chukka... My cigar chukkas have been really valuable with this poor weather and travel this week... Time to get the color 8 version.
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I posted this in the Classic Menswear forum thinking that was the proper place for this not thinking about this thread. Completely new to SF, sorry for the double post!


I just bought a pair of Florsheim Imperial LWB´s in shell and i love them. And now i want to get a pair of LWB or PTB in a lighter brown color, something like Alden´s whiskey.

Living in Sweden where it is impossible to find an Alden retailer i would like some input on the quality of Alden vs Florsheim, is it worth paying that kind of money for a pair of new Alden´s compared to vintage Florsheim´s? What are the differences?


Im perfectly comfortable with wearing vintage shoes and i am on a somewhat tight budget, but those Alden´s look damn sexy!

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^ I have color 8 vintage Florsheim LWBs probably from the late 80s or early 90s right before they stopped making them. No v-cleats. Got them new old stock. I bought them around the same time I bought Alden cigar LWBs. Conventional wisdom is that the later Florsheims are not up to par with Alden but I find mine nearly comparable in terms of quality. The Aldens win but maybe only by a hair in my view. Both pairs are very handsome and comfortable but to my surprise I have found the color 8 more versatile than the cigars and barely worn the cigars.
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I picked these up from a fellow SF'er and am very happy with them (thanks to Morgan for a great transaction)

My question to the group is on the Alden recrafting. I brought these with the intention of having them recrafted but they look better than I expected. The only real issue is the dark crease on the left shoe and I hate to pay $160 just for that, especially since I'm not clear on if their service would include redying (their response to my question was vague on this point).

My specific question is whether Alden will redye or resinish the shell. My second question is whether anyone has had this type of experience with B. Nelson or another cobbler?

I really don't want to replace the soles or the heels but would like to remove the darkness in the creases. I'm also open to home remedy suggestions. I was hitting it with the deer bone and brushing but I don't think it's working. As always, any suggestions are appreciated.

I think they make a fine addition to my growing family of whiskey.........

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Mine are color 8 v-cleats from the 70´s/early 80´s, from what i can tell the quality is really good. 

Right now i am trying to decide between Florsheim v-cleats in tan pebble grain and Alden LWB in whiskey calf or chromexcel. 

I´d love to get the Alden´s but i dont know if i can justify the difference in price to myself.


Please convince me someone! 

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Originally Posted by Shouldaville View Post

For me, as long as the belt is decent quality and a close match, I'll take it...more money for the shoes. I found a $40 AE walnut belt at The Rack this week.

These shoes. What are they? Where are they? Where are there more?

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