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I have read this article on tassels and shell cordovan few times. Each time I read it I enjoy it a little bit more. It was posted on this thread in response to a discussion on tassels. I am reposting for no good reason other than I find it interesting reading and think some others may as well.......
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Wow, and I thought the fearsome foursome was impressive. That's quite the intimidating front four you have there. Thanks for the pic.

Quick follow-up. How do you like the fit/feel of the AE Strands?

I love my Strands. Fit and feel are terrific!

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Originally Posted by zippyh View Post

Whoa doc, bordering on TL;DR.

Anyway, to answer the bolded question, you'd be a fool not to. I like Alden because they fairly closely intersect with my personal aesthetic. But so do Tricker's and C

Thanks for your reply, zippyh. To paraphrase the sentiment from (I believe) Twain, I didn't have time to write you three clean, concise sentences, so I wrote several paragraphs. Sorry for being so long-winded! I think I'm basically trying to understand how to approach two questions: 1. When are you folks employing Trickers, C&J, Carmina and AS instead of Alden? (do you feel one brand is more suited, for example, to a rugged, slubby selvedge denim? Is a brand like Carmina something you turn to for a more European look?

For the record, my stepfather is fond of wearing Gucci loafers with a suit. I find it endearing and feel myself in no position to judge, as I was sporting a whole closet full of Kenneth Cole shoes just over a couple years ago...

PS, please let me extend a very public thank you to you for all of your help with the Belstaff Roadmaster purchase. The jacket is so handy and versatile; it's made me much more fond of each and every pair of Alden boots!  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I enjoy Alden in part because they do not try to be anything more than what they are, they stick to what they do well. Aside from dub monks, there isn't much else I would like to see from them beyond what they currently offer. I think Alden offers something to address nearly all style "needs". I also recognize the quality and aesthetics of other manufactures. I enjoy EG among others. Both offer excellent products and fill a need in the market place.

The EG Galway is a tough boot to top by anyone. However the majority of my boots are Alden shell. Different looks for different folks.

Is EG really worth the additional cost over Alden? I'm still having a hard time figuring out how I'd wear a Galway without it looking like an affectation or costume. No offense intended to Galway owners, just not sure if I can rock the English countryside look as a young-looking Asian fella... 
Originally Posted by mdubs View Post

I am with you on the double monks and have been eyeing the Epaulet Carmina Salingers for quite a while.

I have mainly Aldens, AEs, and C

Hi Mike. I was eyeing the Carmina Salingers for over 6 months, but, of course, ended up waiting too long and can now only drool after models for which my size is unavailable frown.gif I'm curious about folks' opinion on the best double monks for the money. Also, is the Alden single monk worth considering or do you find it hard to identify in terms of its intended use? 
Originally Posted by Resistant View Post

John Lobbs
Thanks for the tips on the Vass via Ep. Epaulet is one of the good guys for sure. Great customer service.
Originally Posted by Bakes11771 View Post

I tried telling you this in the beginning, but I guess some things you just have to learn for yourself.

I don't think you have to stick to just Alden, the same as I think its dumb when people buy a pair of shoes for the mere fact that "Alden" is stamped on the insole.  (or when people buy a rare-make up in the wrong size and stuff tissue paper in the front of the toe and use insoles and heel pads and tongue pads and wear two pairs of thick wool socks to "make it work", just so they can wear an exclusive make-up)

With every additional shoe that you buy, the marginal benefit from that additional pair decreases.  (Law of diminishing returns)  You're probably beyond the point of a well-rounded and useful collection, but if you enjoy shoes, keep going.

If I see a shoe that I like (regardless of brand), and I think that I would get enough use and enjoyment out of it to justify the cost, then I buy it.  The key is to be honest with yourself about whether you will really wear the shoe enough, or want it bad enough to justify the $700 or however much it may be.  Conversely, sometimes you have to admit that it is just the shoe of the week that you think about buying while you are bored at work.

I have bought a lot of Aldens because I like shell cordovan, have plain taste, and don't like narrow shoes.
Thanks for being patient with me, Bakes. I'm a slow learner shog%5B1%5D.gif

You're right, once you're beyond 20 Aldens and other nice shoes, it's probably not so much about practicality. I agree that it's important to be real with yourself about exactly why you're buying the shoe. It might be interesting to have us post pics of our collections and discuss "most practical" or "most potentially versatile"-oriented plans for future acquisitions. Anyone interested?

I like shell cordovan and the look of simple classics. I do sometimes wish we talked about calfskin, kudu, tobacco chamois and suede a bit more. Are there closeted calf lovers here?
Originally Posted by Dr. D View Post

When I step back and contemplate my shoe wardrobe, I realize that I could live a very content life with only a pair of color 8 LHS and a pair of color 8 LWB. While I certainly enjoy my other Aldens in various shades of brown, there is just something classically right about these two Alden designs in a deep burgundy. To my eye they are the epitome of classic American shoe design and are the only ones I would not want to be without.
Interesting. After getting my wife and kids to safety, I'm not sure which Aldens I'd attempt to rescue from a fire. I'd say it's a tie between the cigar and color 8 lwbs for a shoe for dressing up (to a certain point) and down, and then perhaps a chromexcel indy for knockabout purposes.

I think a pair of C&J or Tricker's boots would be the perfect companion to the Roadmaster.
The hardest part about getting Tricker's is getting your size figured out. There are basically two lasts that are of interest to some one coming from Aldens. The 4497 and 4444 country lasts. The 4497 is somewhat comparable to Barrie and the 4444 is even bigger. The standard production Tricker's are kind of boring. You have to look for the special make-ups from Shoe Healer and a myriad of other stores.

For C&J, look to the Ralph Lauren models. You just missed the Lindrick/Gianni sale feeding frenzy though.

For dubmunks, look to the AS Ramsey (A Fine Pair of Shoes had some whiskey shell seconds recently btw), C&J Lowndes, or many Carminas. The EG Westminster is nice but will run well over $1K.

I wear my Gucci 1953 horsebit loafers when I want to go for the summer euro look (no suit).
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whiskey Wednesday

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Old pic, but I figured I'd continue with MrDV's blue laces...

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OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH those Whiskey PTBs keep me going in to work everyday to earn $$$

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Originally Posted by docalden2013 View Post

I've really appreciated quite a number of the interesting posts and questions from the last couple of days...

For those of you who have bought fine footwear beyond Alden's offerings, where do you see Alden's place within the pantheon of nice shoes? Do you feel it covers all of your various shoe needs adequately or do you find yourself wishing they would branch in another aesthetic or functional direction (and I don't necessarily mean following AE in making god awful sneaker-like creations)?

For me, I like most Alden for their current aesthetic and cannot really think of a design I'd like to see them tackle that they do not currently do. I dress in what would probably be considered "trad" most days (3 roll 2 J. Press sack suit with USMC heraldry rep tie today) and find the shape of the Barrie and Van lasts compliment my style nicely. When I do venture outside of Alden, it's most often to Rancourt and Tricker's, so there really isn't even that much aesthetic variety in my closet. Another reason I generally stick to Alden (and Rancourt and Tricker's) is that they have many options that transition very easily from casual, to business casual, to business dress. I've seen some Vass and Edward Green that I really like as well, but the price is generally more than I'm willing to pay and they don't look like they would work in the casual settings as easily for me.

Corthay and G&G are interesting shoemakers to me - they make some absolutely gorgeous footwear but they are generally just too sleek for my tastes and I would probably not get much use out of them.

In the end for me, Alden seems to hit my sweet spot for cost, construction quality, aesthetics, versatility, and availability. IMO, Rancourt beats them on cost and availability but they are too casual; Tricker's is comparable to Alden on cost and may beat them on construction quality (it's a very close battle between the two for all the stuff I've handled from each), but loses out on versatility (I really only like their more casual or "country" lines) and availability here in the states, Vass often beats Alden on aesthetics and I'm sure the construction is great, but they lose out on price and availability for me... etc.

Alden may not be the best in every regard but they hit enough of the right marks to keep me coming back.
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^ Well said.
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Originally Posted by Michigan Planner View Post

Alden may not be the best in every regards but they hit enough of the right marks to keep me coming back.

My thoughts exactly.
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Whiskey Wednesday


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^^ Beautiful LHS, Don!
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Staying with the whiskey Wednesday theme.
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Originally Posted by Shawnc View Post

Staying with the whiskey Wednesday theme. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Those look great Shawn! Enjoy them!
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Guess what day it is???

Whiskey Wednesday!!!

Have a good Wednesday!

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Originally Posted by mdubs View Post

Guess what day it is???

Whiskey Wednesday!!!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Have a good Wednesday!

Mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike. Nice shoes!
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