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Originally Posted by BeSpiffington View Post

Does anyone own the Alden for J Crew cap toe cordovan boots? How do they look in the wild, and how do they compare to other available boot offerings? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I've got a boot bug stuck up my you know what and the prescription is shell shopping. Thanks!

Yes, I and many others here own a pair. I have a picture but not one in the wild. I'm sure someone will come along shortly and provide one or two. In the meantime you can always conduct a search of the thread or view all pictures in this thread to see some. I think they are great looking boots, and apparently so do some of the people that saw me wearing them, at least thats what they said.

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JCrew Alden captoe video:

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These are all I have but not really in the wild...




I'm not really a boot person, but these are great; very versatile!  Although I love the exotic shell offerings, I've come to the conclusion that color 8, while common and widely available, is king! nod[1].gif

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RTP and aldenfan, thank you both. Exotics are very nice. Until I actually owned an Alden Ravello shoe I hadn't understood why they were so coveted. Cigar is a beautiful colour also. Still, I find myself most often wearing my #8's.
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PSA: BB has a deal ending today; $100 off your purchase of $600 and $200 off your purchase of $800.  It includes their shell offerings... the underrated Alden for BB PTB, Plaza lasted wingtip bals (at least very similar to plaza), and others would go for $567 plus tax (shipping included).  Not sure I can afford it right now, but not sure I can afford not to pass it up right now with all of the price hikes!  Some great color 8 offerings...

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Originally Posted by docalden2013 View Post

I've been thinking a lot about this very issue of how to know when one is done gathering Aldens (cf, Freud's paper "Analysis Terminable and Interminable"). It's been a very expensive month after having been caught up in the wonderful pictures you guys have been sharing and in the exuberance we all have for these awesome shoes. I imagine my Alden collection hardly begins to approximate the depth and breadth of what you long-time aficionados have going on in the shoe closet, but I've already found in this short span of time that I have yet to wear through a complete batting rotation. Moreover, the Alden virus has not only decimated my former AE fever, but makes me feel guilty about skipping the red AE shoe bags every morning. How many of you guys actually wear shoes from other brands (and, no, the sneakers you wear to the gym don't count!)

Just curious, how do you guys decide which Aldens (or other shoe brands, for that matter) to wear? I feel like it's time to start adhering to going through the batting rotation just to make it worth the money spent.

That said, every time you guys talk about another fascinating makeup, I can't help but say to myself, "I could definitely make good use out of that. My kid doesn't really need a college fund, does he?"

Of course, this might just be my own idiosyncratic neurosis; but, I'd be relieved if I'm not the only one afflicted. shog%5B1%5D.gif

I doubt you're the only one.

I have five pair of Aldens, all shell, and I wear them all. I have three or four AEs I wear, and a couple of older (one refurbished), made in the US, J&Ms. Maybe a few other AEs and one J&M I seldom wear. Most are balmorals, three, maybe four bluchers.

I wear a suit every day. I suppose your work requirements dictate what your wear as well as personal taste. As for colors, black and burgundy, #8, of course, one cigar, one brown and one walnut.

The major reasons I wear relatively expensive, well made shoes, are:

1. Foot comfort and support.
2. They last much longer and I believe are, therefore, cheaper in the long run.
3. They look better.
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Olifter, I definitely agree on reasons one, two, and three.
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Hello All SFers!  I am fairly new to the forum and have become slightly obsessed with Alden shell boots.  My personal favorites are Wingtips, Cap Toe, and NST/Tanker.  After going through numerous pages on this thread, I thought it would be useful to compile a list of potential upcoming offerings.  I am also working on a list of past offerings so we can all see what has been available and when.  With the recent cordovan shortages it seems that things are on an approximate 2 year cycle.  Anyway, here is what I have so far.  Please feel free to add.


Upcoming Projects




Day Tripper Boot

Cap Toe

Grant Last

Eyelets and Speed hooks

Ravello Cordovan  (on order, waiting for confirmation)


Naval Boot

Perforated Cap Toe

Barrie Last

Double Leather Sole

All eyelets

Black Cordovan (pre-order currently up)

Color 8 Cordovan (on order, waiting for confirmation)





Wingtip Boot

Barrie Last

All eyelets

Ravello Cordovan (on order, 2 years and counting)


Obscura Boot

Medallion Cap Toe

Leydon Last

Commando Sole

All eyelets

Ravello Cordovan (on order, waiting for confirmation)


Wingtip Boot

Plaza Last

Commando Sole

Whiskey Cordovan (on order, waiting for confirmation)


J. Gilbert


Medallion Toe Boot (not a cap toe, similar to the Leather Soul SF boot)

Plaza last

Commando Sole

Eyelets & Speed hooks

Color 8 Cordovan (on order, waiting on confirmation)

Black Cordovan (on order, waiting on confirmation)


Wingtip Boot

Plaza last

Commando sole

Color 8 Cordovan (on order, waiting on confirmation)

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Should add the Alden DC cigar captoe but there are many others as well
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Originally Posted by macjedi View Post

I'd like to get an Alden shortwing and I'm looking for some advice on Tremont sizing which will be a new last for me. I've been happy with a 9D in the Plaza NST Boot, and 8.5D in Barrie LWBs, WTBs and TB Indys. Most of what I've read says go with your Barrie size, but the retailer is leading me toward going tts (9D). Any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Originally Posted by ReppTiePrepster View Post

I just picked up a pair of the whiskey (short) wingtip bal oxfords from Alden DC.  I couldn't find a local retailer that carried any tremont-lasted shoes so I asked around on this thread and made some calls to Alden DC, San Fran, NYC, and TSM.  The answers were mixed, but it seemed that those that actually owned a pair said the tremont was the same length as the barrie, but has a slightly narrower toe box.  I have to agree. Medium weight socks make for a snug, but not uncomfortable fit.  Standard thin dress socks are perfect.  I suppose if your barrie size is fairly snug, you may need to size up for the tremont, but such is not the case for me.  Trying on 2 sizes would probably be ideal.  Good luck...


Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

It'll really all depend on the shape of your foot. I find the Tremont to line up w/ my Barrie size perfectly - I've got room to spare in the Barrie, but my Tremont is spot on in the toebox and foot opening. If you can try them on, great. If not, order two sizes and return the one you're least satisfied with. It is one of those boarderline lasts that can go either way.



A belated THANKS ReppTiePrepster & El Argentino!!!  Your advice proved to be spot on.


ReppTiePrep - It was your post showing your new whiskey shortwing bals that spurred my interest in the tremont … they look fantastic!  


Kathy and Joe at Alden DC were very helpful. They had a 9D in whiskey that was slightly flexed on the right upper and an 8.5D on the way from Alden SF. I took their advice and had them ship me the 9D first (which is my plaza size and TTS).  Unfortunately, the 9D proved to be a bit large and kinda unstable when I moved about. frown.gif


I contacted them about the 8.5D (which is my barrie size), which upon their inspection, had a shadowy imperfection on the left upper; near the brogueing on the vamp. They were kind enough to send a photo, but it was hard to make out.  They sent the 8.5's and they fit beautifully.  Unfortunately, the imperfection on the vamp is quite noticeable.  It looks more like long, dark scar … a gash that I FEAR I may one day make in a perfectly good pair of shoes by tripping over something sharp.  I love the shoes, but I don't think it's something I can live with and they'll have to be returned. cry.gif


The good news is I now know my Tremont size.  It's my Barrie size!


You guys were right!!! … for me anyway :)


Thanks again!!


P.S - As a "consolation" … I was able to grab a Whiskey LWB from Alden SF that's in perfect condition and fits great.  I'm still evaluating, but I think they're keepers! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by kwhitelaw View Post


hmm never thought about those.. what do they typically sell for on sale? curious if it's worth waiting for.. TTS?


out of stock in 11.5 sadly.

unfortunately I think Alden bans its retail partners from EVER putting something on sale.

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Originally Posted by aldenfan View Post

JCrew Alden captoe video:

I've always prounouced blucher with a ch as in chacha. He prounouces it with a hard "k".
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I just purchased Leffot Atom SW in Cigar. smile.gif No matter what it's a sweet make up that I could not miss.

On Tremont last I went with my Barrie size which is 8.5D. When I wear Barrie, I still have a bit of room so I hope it will work.

Unfortunately my brand new Whiskey LWB will have to go back to Alden SF. If anyone wants a pair and in Canada, just let me know and it's yours otherwise they are gone tomorrow.
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Congrats! I am sure they will look killer. Please post pics once they arrive
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Originally Posted by rennavate View Post

I haven't. Link?

I have that exact penny shipping to me Monday. I will send you a IRL pic
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