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Originally Posted by mcarthur View Post

i recommend color 8

Me too.  


I actually have 3 pair of PTBs - black, #8, and brown (Ralph Lauren "cognac"). The #8 get the most wear by far.  

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Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL View Post

Sounds like we're starting to get the "Shoe Nazi" persona put on us! I apologize to those who we did not do a good job helping. I think the main problem is the growth of my business. When I started posting on SF years ago, I was a one man operation. I had the time and energy to reply and help everyone and anyone. Now as I type this, we have 7 customers in store, 2 sales people and 1 manager helping, one shipping clerk behind me, my CPA doing the Quickbooks inputs, and 1 manager on lunch. Our in-store business takes up our time and energy. Kuni, my top sales person, stays every night till around 1-2am replying to his emails. His shift ends at 10:30.
As you could imagine, this increase in in-store business has also lead to an increase of mail order business from those customers who bought in-store. Those customers, combined with those with long histories with us, take preference in our replies and allocations. I'm being totally honest here. It's just business. When we get an order of 24 pairs of whiskey shoes, of course we need to offer these to those customers first. Most times they do sell out before we can offer them to the public.
As far as sizing, it makes most business sense for me to order D widths, size 5.5-12. The majority of those sizes are between 7-9 though. I'll order 5-6 pairs of 7-8, but only 1-2 pairs over 10.5. It's not easy to order C widths since they don't fit the masses. I'm slowly adding Es as our orders grow. Preorders have become extremely frustrating for me since half the people don't understand why our preorders have been taking so long. New orders are currently taking over a year so it gets frustrating for some people. I'd almost rather not do preorders when I need to deal with the frustrations of so many people.
As far as checking individual stock, it's always best to call us. If you want to know everything we have in a size, then an email would be better so we can take the time to check. However, our makeups tend to sell quick and the majority of our stock (and business) is still in Alden standard stock shoes, so if you ask us what we have in a 9D, you may get a long list of standard stock shoes.
I've always been honest and up front with everyone on SF and AAAC. I still check SF multiple times a day. I check AAAC maybe once every three months. SF members are still extremely important to me so I apologize if we can't take care of you guys as much as we did in the past. We are human, and there are multiple sales people, so although I try my best to watch over and train my staff, I can't guarantee everyone will give the best service every time. If anyone has any problems please email me directly and I'll try my best to help or rectify the situation. Same goes for those who have direct questions about Aldens in general.
Sorry for the long reply. We should get back to posting pics about Aldens!

Would you say most of your customers then are of the Asian persuasion or just small-footed? Having seen the absurd prices on Rakuten and the like for Aldens, I'm just wondering if a lot of your customers come from Asia since Hawaii is basically the middle of the road.

Only 1 to 2 pairs for sizes over 10.5 makes me sad. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Roggie Rog View Post

I'm considering a pair of cordovan plain toe bluchers. I'm having trouble deciding whether I want color 8 or black, as I feel they're both awesome. Any opinions are appreciated.

#8 in my opinion. I posted some photos of mine a few days ago, if you want to see an example with a little wear. I've seen other photos that better show how the color develops.
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Alden x LS CXL NST
Alden x LS #8 NST Saddle Blucher
Thanks Tom.
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Originally Posted by dsmivtr View Post

I recently started on Alden and I think I'm hitting it too hard. In a span of 2 months, I obtained:
Natural CXL LWB
Ravello LWB
#8 plain toe boot (Modified)
Cigar LS wingtip boot (Plaza)
Whiskey PTB
In order:
Ravello Leffot Day Tripper
Cigar LWB
Whiskey LWB
I'm thinking of another #8 but can't decide. I need to go back to school and take out student loans just to pay for this. Whomever quoted Alden holding around 80% of its value I am hoping you are right biggrin.gif

This is a great example of why Alden wait times are through the roof.
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Context Rough Roys in reverse chamois from Context Clothing. Excellent customer service:





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Cigar Plain Toe bluchers from Alden San Francisco. There is a guy there named Robert that is extremely helpful:

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Ravello Wing Tip Bootmaker Edition from Shoemart. Service was A+ over the phone.

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Originally Posted by fredmull View Post

Picked these LS's up from a SuFu-er. So nice. The laces were his idea.

glad you like them
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Cigar Long Wings from Alden of Carmel. Order and customer service entirely by email and excellent:

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Whiskey Plain Toe Bluchers from Alden Madison Ave. Service was a bit gruff but fair and shipping was speedy. As a native NY'r, this is exactly what I expected. Straightforward and honest.

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Color 8 Long Wing Bluchers purchased from Alden San Francisco. Excellent service and would recommend this shop.

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Cigar Chukka from Alden San Francisco. My first shoe. Service was great.

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Originally Posted by CTYGGG View Post

Alden x LS #8 NST Saddle Blucher
Thanks Tom.

These are spectacular.  Wow.


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Daaaang, kippy just went off tonight. Mens_gaga status
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