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yeah thats an amazing color for the indys
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Beautiful Indys Watchguy.
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Originally Posted by Trapp View Post
The cigars look superb. WatchGuy, can you confirm what last those are on? People are wondering.

Thanks. They are on Trubalance.
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Someone a few pages back was asking about how regular Indys look w/ Obenauf's, so I thought I'd upload a better pick. These are two months old, three applications of LP, and I'm pretty good about brushing them with a shoeshine horsehair brush whenever they get mud/beer spilled on them. IRL they're a bit darker.

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Originally Posted by WatchGuy View Post
The back tab on my tankers broke the second time I wore them. They don't seem to be as good of quality as my other Alden boots. Context has been great in accommodating me (offered to send them to Alden for repair or reimburse me for local repair). But, sending them back to Alden will take about a month and I would rather have Alden to it than anyone local. It sucks because I had to wait over a month to get them in the first place.

Recommendation: don't use the tab to pull the boots on. They are not reinforced enough for that. Kind-of disappointing since they are a 'tanker'.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I had a pair of Edward Green Shannon boots that I tore the rear loop on trying to pull on the boots. EG repaired them free of charge (without any visible sign of the repair), but it did cost quite a bit for me to ship them back over to England. As far as I can tell, most boots should not be pulled on using the tabs if the tabs are made of leather. In the case of the EG boots, I swear that the super fine pitch of the stitching essentially perforated the leather and made it easy to tear, much like perforated paper. RM Williams on the other hand, you could probably hang some weights off the pull on loops.
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The indy boot is very comfortable. Worth every penny!!

My SBL briefcase is also great....

Going to take both for a Far East biz trip in the new year....

Merry Christmas!!

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Nice Indy's.
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Hey guys, Know where I can get my hands on some Aldens (specifically Indys) in Portland, OR, outside of Winn Perry?
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I need alden boots in 10D or 10.5D, pm me
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Just curious, has anyone else had this problem w/ their indies?

Basically, the corner seam is starting to raise on both boots (inside seam for my left, outside on the right). I'm not sure if it's due to how I walk, but it looks like a manufacturing defect to me b/c the stitching doesn't look straight at the ends. It's difficult to tell from the pictures, but the stitched holes kind of trail downward

Please let me know what you guys think, I've only worn these ~20 times. Love them otherwise

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^^ I have the same thread issue on mine, though not as pronounced. Tt's really unnoticeable unless you do an up close inspection, so I let it slide. I figure if it becomes a big deal I can send it back to Alden. They are good about these things from what I hear.
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That's easy to fix with a needle and thread (thimble helps too). Happened on my ultimate indy's as well.
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Originally Posted by thenanyu View Post
I didn't even notice! You are totally right.
HAHAHA! They even link Alden of Carmel at the end of the post for Cordovan care.
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Mildly bad news:

Leather Soul is canceling the pre-order emails and going to a blog alert system.

It is probably my most visited clothing retailer and I try to hit it every week at least to see the shoes and what is happening but now I may miss out on something because of timing.

Also, I will say I am a sucker for the emails because when I get them it reminds me to visit so I usually hit it within 24 hours of reading the email as well.
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Originally Posted by Arizor View Post
Hi chaps,

After giving my cordovan toecap boots a polish I've obviously been slightly remiss in applying the wax to one of the boots and I've got a bit of wax "clumping" in one area; it is a dull wax 'blemish', if you like, covering the area.

I've been applying elbow grease for an hour or more now, and it's not really showing signs of diminishing.

Anyone got tips for getting rid of these black clumps of wax on cordovan?

Specifically they are burgundy (#8) shell cordovan, and I use kiwi cordovan wax.
You can try a mechanical buffer but other than that elbow grease is the best way. Any chemicals may dry out the leather and you are not supposed to use saddle soap on cordovan.

You could try a little water and a T-Shirt as well. Not wet, but lightly damp.

Or just wear them and do not apply any more wa for a while but continue to brush.
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