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where exactly is the Holt Renfrew outlet at yonge/steeles? I live right there (across from the Volvo/VW dealership).
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From Yonge and Steeles go west about two or three lights, past the Toys R Us, and turn right into the plaza with the Tim Hortons. The HR Last Call is at the back beside the hockey shop. I think it's open till 9 on most nights. Like I said, the men's selection is small (probably 80% of the store is women's). And a lot of the clothes have been on the racks for too long: pulled threads, loose buttons etc. But, let us know if you find anything worthwhile.
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I'll check it out...thanks.
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Since no one's said it, let me recommend that, depending what your current shoes look like, you start by upgrading your shoes. It's an unobtrusive way to start the wardrobe upgrade since only women seem to notice shoes. I second j's advice about fit.
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Plus I want to be the first to welcome Trogdor to SF. The Burninator rules.
Hey thanks. I've been lurking for a few weeks, but I had to step in when my area of expertise (shopping in Toronto on a tight budget) came up, so I used my beefy arm to type something up. I second the HR last call store. I've picked up some nice shirts (New & Lingwood and, dare I say it, Dolce and Gabbana). The best deals are the HR own label shirts which go for a ridiculously low price (I got a few for ~$20). I think the key is timing; if you drop in there just after they've changed the stock in the downtown store, you could luck out. I went about a year ago, just after the summer collection arrived downtown, and there were hundreds of fall/winter suits for under $500. The other advantage is that the staff there are much friendlier that the snooty ones downtown Ooh, and they had three Brioni shirts in Winners at College & Yonge yesterday for $108 CDN each. Why am I sharing this information?
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I would second the suggestion of cords or chinos in place of jeans.  Both can be dressed up or down and always look more professional than jeans in the workplace.  
Disagree. It depends on the person and the environment. A person who looks confident and natural and sharply dressed in a pair of jeans is much better for a casual office than someone who is wearing a pair of Dockers, or someone who is wearing a nicer pair of khakis but looks out of place in them.
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Try adding a vest over the shirt and pants. Dressier but it won't look like you're too formal.
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