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^^^ This part of my email with Ken earlier this month: *there is a leather jacket available too The Emory will be carried over as will the Mathias and the Ayling. The Mathias has been tweaked slightly and has a zipper back vent detail added as well as a slight change in the silhouette of the back The Emory has been slightly lengthened. The centre front now has a slightly angled storm flap as opposed to the straight front of FW09 The Ayling has an added storm flap at the neck, and leather elbow patches. The Jonas has the most drastic alteration. It's a bigger tailored trenchcoat fit. There are two versions available. One with the removable lining; another with the built in quilted lining
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Hmm, no new models? Lengthened Emory is a good thing, mine is almost too short. Do you know if he's doing the olive color again? My Emory is black and I'm thinking about picking up something in green this year.
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I pretty sure it's coming in olive too. I'd email him to make sure. I pre-ordered the emory and I believe he mentioned olive was available too.
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Will the hood be removable?
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^^ on the emory? probably not! i actually prefer it with the non-removable hood.
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When I owned it, I thought the hood fit awkward.
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it's not removable, I've seen the pics of this seasons bomber.
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the hood is really big, which is great to inclement weather, but a bit obstructive if you just wanna keep your head a bit warm. and that removable visor is useless cause you can't see anything with it on and the hood up. it kicked ass in the dc snow storms last year though, that's for sure.
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How does one go about contacting Ken directly? I'm looking to pick up an elliot in 38 from s/s 10 if he has any available!
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Originally Posted by idlewild View Post
How does one go about contacting Ken directly? I'm looking to pick up an elliot in 38 from s/s 10 if he has any available!

Send an email to
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omg, thank u so much scb, i have been awaiting this collection for a long time, every fall season actually. huge fan of krane, i have the first season of emory, last year's jonas, and the harland messenger bag. always wandering what ken has up his sleeve.
and im glad to see the collection is extending into shirts, leather jackets, belts, etc.
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This season's lookbook has actually been out for a while, though I've always found that the photography makes it hard to see what the pieces actually look like. Anyway, this year's online stockists has yet to be announced (i think), but they'll have krane stuff at Assembly in the LES.
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from what I can see, the pieces look pretty sweet. I hope they fire whoever picked the poses for the model... totally awful.
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i picked up an olive ayling last year, but this is making me want a black bomber
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