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Black Velvet Blazer

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I picked up a YSL RG black velvet blazer, yet I dont know how to wear it being as i have not worn velvet in my life. You guys have any tips on what would complement the blazer? Any input on the type of pants, shirt/color, and shoes would be appreciated.
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I have a deep purple RL velvet blazer that I generally only wear with jeans. The velvet jacket is such a luxe item that I like the way it looks paired with something at the opposite end of the spectrum. Old jeans, t-shirts, slim fitting button downs, stuff like that. As far as shoes go, I generally wear whatever I would normally wear with jeans.
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This is a nice buy. I find _black_ velvet to be a little over the top, I prefer "duller" tones like moka, chocolate, petrol. Black velvet would be mostly (dressy) evening wear, you should pair it with charcoal wool trousers, or satin cotton pants for a movie star look. Depends also if it's peak lappeled or not. May I inquire wether it's fused or canvassed ? .luc
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YSL is fused, from my experience, and shockingly expensive at retail.
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Speaking of velvet, if the velvet blazer needs cleaning, should it be brought to a dry cleaner's too? WJTW
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I have a black velvet blazer as well, and I just wear it with t-shirts and jeans. Most of the time, I wear it with Chucks or my 20th anniversary Cortez trainers as well, though if it's a fancier occasion, I'll wear my C&J black Chelsea boots. However, I rarely wear it during the day now, mostly because velvet tends to pick up lint really easily, and black velvet tends to display it prominently.
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