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Casual fall outwear

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I'm currently missing what I consider to be a very important piece in a wardrobe -- a good piece of outerwear that can be worn during the Fall and Spring seasons in a "casually dressy" way. I guess what I'm looking for is something that I can wear with a nice pair of jeans to go to a coffee shop or a movie or shopping, etc. I don't want something I have to automatically remove when indoors (for example, I can't sit and have coffee while wearing a barn jacket). Is some sort of tweed type blazer my best option here? I'm having trouble finding something along these lines that I like at a price I find attractive. There is a cashmere Hickey Freeman blazer in my size on Ebay right now, but something like that seems a bit too "work dress," don't you agree?
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How about a blouson? I have a Paul & Shark blouson made with Loro Piana wool / cashmere (absolutely spectacular fabric) that is great for dressy casual occasions. To be honest though, it is too blousy for me at the moment, Friday I'm going to the tailor so the sides and sleeves can be taken in for a slimmer cut. Other than that, it's a perfect match to what you are looking for. Jon.
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What is a blouson?
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How casual do you want to go? I wear a leather jacket virtually everywhere (I love it). Also considering buying a corduroy sports coat and drooling over Loro Piana cashmere.
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I had a cord coat but I didn't love it.  It was a wider wale and I didn't really like how it hung on me.  But then a thinner wale tends to look cheap IMO.  That's why I thought a tweedy wool would be good. Oh, and I like leather jackets too, but I look horrible in them.
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Hmm, I think a slim-fitting leather blazer may not be a bad idea (that's my usual choice for outerwear) if you don't want to go as casual as a track jacket (in various fabrics) or need something more substantial than a regular wool blazer...
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See, call me crazy or whatever, but I kind of like this: This
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That looks like something kids here would try to wear to a club with jeans, a striped shirt, and shiny black shoes.
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LOL.... But what if I want to be a kid again? Seriously though, if I had the same thing from Anderson and Sheppard, it'd be fantastic.
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how about a velvet coat ? Or a caban ? .luc
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Hmm, I got over my tweed phase really quickly... I found it difficult to walk the tightrope with academic on one side and wannabe on the other.
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See, call me crazy or whatever, but I kind of like this: This
I tried it on in the store- Didn't really like it. I have a velvet blazer from there though, love it. For something more casual- Jcrew Broken-in Chino Blazer ($108) or for something more preppy (my style), they had a cordaroy blazer, in pink green and blue (quite bright, but not all bad) Then you have a classic denim jacket.
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another sure bet : moleskin coat. PLenty of things to chose from . drizzt: I think the leather coat really gives that hollywood movie thug look. Might be ok in LA though .luc
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I have a velvet blazer in a sort of brown color (courtesy of Matadorpoeta). I like it a lot, but am not sure it's the best day wear. Maybe I'm wrong. Moleskin is actually my ideal, but I seriously haven't seen a high quality moleskin coat in my life. I just have no clue where to find them.
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great quality moleskin ? I don't know either. It's not my favourite type of fabric, since it will eventually start to pill at the most abrasive areas (elbow, shoulder, sleeve ends). One advice, no matter how tired you are, NEVER put your shoulder-belt bag/briefcase/pouch on your shoulder unless you want to ruin your topcoat/blazer/suit in a span of a few months. .luc
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