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Looking for slim briefcase

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I am looking for a new briefcase/bag. I have found exactly what style I am looking for however price is a bit of an issue. The style is a LV briefcase as per below:

Attachment 14316

My requirements are black or brown, thin - 2-3 inches wide) (can accommodate only macbook pro, pens, cards, few papers) no carry handle or any attachments for carry handle. Leather similar to LV Taiga rather than a supple leather.

If anyone knows of a company or bag out there, please let me know!!

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valextra on ebay...
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totaly love the 3rd one! (|39:1|66:2|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14)

But 1k is still a lot for students...Is there any valextra-like case, but more in 300-max 400$ range? I guess Il have to go with used
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it's 600 after the buy it now and refund.
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i liked the first one most. too bad about the slight scratch at the top.
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Kolecho has an awesome one on sale
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Try Coach (see their website). I bought one a while ago when I was a student and its held up very nice. And it's leather, none of those annoying C's all over the place.
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