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(Posted on Feb. 15 2005,08:47) I was present at his funeral procession and was shocked at the public's complete ignorance -- to the point of offensiveness -- of basic respect for the dead. While some on this board may have guessed I did not share the late Gipper's politics I can at least respect the event. The American Jackass throngs in baseball caps -- which they never took off as the cortege passed -- who applauded the casket as if they were glad he was dead -- may have felt grief but they sure as hell could have fooled me by their behavior
Our view - and by our I mean SF members - is a sheltered, clouded one when it comes to that huge "rest of the world". Your outrage is justified - and would be widely supported among those of a more genteel, mannered upbringing. Viewed from another point-of-view, the fact that some knew not to remove their caps was far, far outweighed by the strength, the unmatched force, of "We The People"'s eulogy. Neither politics nor religion, neither rich nor poor, neither sartorially wise nor plumber's butt ... kept the people from paying their respects. The applause you attribute as being to the casket was, in my opinion, applause for the man who in the eyes of so many ended the Cold War, thus removing the fear of nuclear holocaust. I wholeheartedly agree that etiquette had an awful, disgusting day. I completely - and respectfully - disagree that respect suffered the same fate.