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Do you believe Jose Canseco

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Do you believe Jose Canseco's allegations that he injected Mark McGwire, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, and Ivan Rodriguez with steroids?
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does it matter, more to the point is this, he is just one big has been asshole.....who cares.
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I agree with Chris in that I don't really care. Of course McGwire was on the juice. And so was Sosa, Bonds, Brady Anderson, etc... Why is anyone shocked or surprised?
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I hate that mullet he has/had.
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I know that people can significantly alter their bodies shapes just through good diet and exercise, but changes to their facial structure, like Giambi above, make me suspicious. Quads, triceps etc can be developed and make legs and arms look very different, and neck muscles often develop during weight training, but facial changes...
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Just trying to make a buck. I believe that vast numbers of major leaguers used steroids, but not because Jose said it. I am jealous of his Madonna hookup though.
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Baseball is becoming a joke to me. I enjoy watching players like Ichiro who, despite not hitting lots of homers and being "huge," hit the ball well and do a great job fielding. There are many "big" players in baseball. Barry Bonds is brought up most and gets the most scritiny because of his enormous production which most others can only dream of, but Albert Pujols and Hideki Matsui are very similar to him in size. I think that Bonds is probably guilty of taking illegal substances, but his production was significantly higher than other "suspects" even before he bulked up. Football players did experiment with steroids at one point, and football has had a problem with some players using THG over the last few years. I don't know if any sport is as bad as baseball, though. Sad 5-part story of Mike Webster, Hall of Fame Center on 4 Super Bowl-winning Pittsburgh Steelers teams: 1 2 3 4 5
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I believe Canseco is a pitiful liar. But I also believe most the ballplayers mentioned in his book and in this thread, are (or were) steroid-enhanced. The home run records which have been set the last few years are shams and should be stripped from the books. I also think Major League Baseball is one of the most hypocritical organizations on the planet; they knew damn well the Sammy, Big Mac and the rest were doped while they were smashing homers at unprecedented paces. But, the game had just come off an ugly labor-strife work stoppage and needed the excitement to get the fans and viewers back. Bud Selig is a dork who is saying too little, too late about steroids. (and now I'll go back and lie in my corner.)
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