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ALMOST the Thrift Shop Find of the Day

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Well,I was at the local thrift shop and was going through the shirt rack when my heart immediately lept upon seeing 3 well known labels in tandem;Turnbull&Asser,Borrelli,Luciano Barbera,and Lorenzini all in a row..Grabbing these up in my hot little hands,upon closer inspection,my heart sank(Aargh.)-worn through collars at the back of every single one.The only one I ended up keeping was the Barbera,which displayed minimal,but I think after a few wearings,it will have to be tossed.Hey,for $3.99 I guess I can't go wrong.Ah,well,I gues that's why they were there anyhow.
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If the bodies are still good, you could always have white collars and cuffs made for them. Either that or steal the buttons to put on other shirts. I know the feeling though... I feel your pain.
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Or, you could put them on Ebay as "New, without Tags". And wait for some sucker to pick them up. (One of my very few negative EBay experiences involved a Charvet shirt advertised as NWOT which has a worn-through collar and threadbare sleeves. 'Course, that was before I understood that a feedback rating of 96 was actually not a good thing. I returned it for a full refund after he got a nasty email from me....)
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Kabert-LOL--I can see it now Special new distressed dress shirts-all the rage..Hell,if they can sell jeans with holes in the knees...
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Well, frayed collars and cuffs have their well-recognized charms. I have an old striped T&A shirt in a particularly nice state of decay that still never fails to draw complements. Of course some shirts fray because of dry-cleaning (.?) or the usual heavy hand with the starch. Those are not nearly so appealing.
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Yea,these actually had the white interfacing visible against the blue cloth of the shirt.Not cool.The Barbera was mostly white with a tatersall,so it was barely noticeable,and a bit less worn.
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I had a near hit at a consignment store today myself. They had three Nicky ties (I've been wanting one), and one in particular I was about to snatch up when I noticed a small snag. It was on the roll of the tie, mainly in the back. I decided I could live with it when I noticed another much smaller one on the front. I did the wise thing and walked away. Still, this consignment store shows great promise. I shall return.
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Yes,if there's one thing you can be sure about,the inventory changes daily,the truck comes in every day with great stuff,so check back as often as you can.It's an indescribable thrill to sift through all the Perry Ellis, Jones New York, and Stanley Blacker junk to come up with a gem. My thrift store "find of the century" was the Attolini Sartoria blazer I dug out of the jacket rack about a month ago.I think it may be cashmere after looking at it again.That's about a $3K piece retail today...
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