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Alexander Olch Review

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Now that GQ has completely saturated almost every page of their magazine with Alexander Olch ties (http://www.olch.com/) I decided to check them out for myself. I took a visit to New York and checked out stores that carried the ties. To say the least.....I was dissapointed.

What first intrigued me the most about the ties were their interesting patterns. I thought the patterns in person looked ok but the manufacturing was poor along with the quality of material. Overall, they just looked cheap.

Their website praises their "fine italian cashmere" ties, but I must have missed that somehow. (I found it ironic and hysterical that these so called high-end italian cashmere ties were balled up, wrinkled and scattered about in a bin on the floor at each location I visited). The sales people probably have to check the price tag to know that they are supposed to be considered "high end".

Also the width was sooo skinny that you could not get away with wearing one in any respectable office environment. I really think GQ is misleading. They look great in the pages of magazines but in real life you will get laughed at in a meeting. Good from far, but far from good as they say.

Lastly, was the price. They run around $150 a piece. Enough said. The ties belonged at Men's Express not a reputable store like Bergdorf. I'm all about innovation and creativeness but these hipsters have been committing highway robbery lately. Slap one of these guys on the pages of GQ and mention they have a degree from an Ivy and all hell breaks lose. Is anyone else with me on this?

I'd put money on it that these will be at a thrift store near you in 2-3 years.

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Certainly not at the point where I can pay 140 for a TIE, I do like the patterns featured. Hopefully J. Crew can take notice to some of the designs here.
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Needed to bump this thread.

How narrow are his ties? Smaller than 3"? I'm thinking about ordering a couple.
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Originally Posted by tony19 View Post
I'd put money on it that these will be at a thrift store near you in 2-3 years.

You are a prophet! By my count: approx 2 years and 7 months from your original post.

Picked this up yesterday at my local thrift. $2.29. Tie is really beautiful and well-made, but at 2-1/2 inches (barely) I think it is too narrow even for me. And I wear BBBF ties...
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Anyone else have anything to say about Alexander Olch? I was thinking of purchasing of one of his ties because I really like the patterns... but now I'm not so sure especially after getting my Vanda Fine tie...
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^It's a 2.5" tie. It will look like a toy on most people. If you're not most people, then by all means...
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Someone said it nicely, the designs are for a certain crowd but the widths are for another.

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Originally Posted by davesmith View Post

Someone said it nicely, the designs are for a certain crowd but the widths are for another.

This is about right. I have a few and while I like the designs, they are really too narrow to wear with most of my suits.
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I have a polka dot one that I have been trying to shift for about 4-5 months. No-one wants it!! probably can't even give it away for free!!! I am grateful I didn't buy the entire stock

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Besides the preference for width and pattern, any word on the quality of the ties themselves?
I read that they are handmade in New York City but that's about it. I presume it's of high quality,
but I am not so sure after reading the OP's post.

I guess I will pass though if they really are 2.5"... though I could have sworn I read somewhere
that they make them in 3" as well which is my preferred width.
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I have a few and the quality on all of them seem to be pretty good, I really like the quality of the material. I have the same complaint as others though about them being too narrow, but I'm a relatively thin guy and seem to be able to pull them off without looking like too much of a hipster douche. This time of year though, I wear them under sweaters quite a bit and you cannot tell as easily how narrow they are that way.
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I have several wool ties by Olch.  They are 2.75 inches wide, which I think is the perfect width.  The quality is top-notch,

nice thick ties that look great with a 4-in-hand knot.  Great patterns and meaty texture.  I particularly like a navy blue with white stripes.


So, please, keep on wearing your wide, bozo-the-clown ties out there, and save the Olch for me.  Me and the ladies

will be thanking you.



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