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Travelling on business with suits, shoes etc

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I go on the road often, usually for up to 5-6 days at one go. What do you guys bring when you are on the road? Suits: I am going to have some new suits made next month, and was wondering if I should go for either: - suits made with two pants so that I can travel with one suit at a time and alternate the suit pants. - suits made with one pants only and bring two suits when I travel. Shirts/ties: I usually pack 4-5 sets of shirts/ties and have the shirts laundered as necessary. Shoes: I usually bring two pairs of dress shoes to allow them to dry out and breathe, plus a pair of running shoes. That is two pairs of shoes in the cabin bag all the time. The problem is shoes take up room. Any advice here? I like to keep my only luggage, besides the briefcase, in the cabin, so travelling light is key. Any advice on how to achieve wardrobe variety and lightness at the same time?
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I don't know what to do about travelling, I still have problems with that. But I've learned the hard way to always get a second pair of pants with a suit.
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Get two pairs of pants but travel with two suits and leave spare trousers home. One suit invites disaster... and almost dares pigeons to aim for your jacket. 2 shoes sounds right. Shirts/ties sounds right. ...also depends on where you travel and what you do. When I had the 5 city per week gig going I generally packed two or three rollaboards and swapped them out whenever I changed planes at DFW. That kind of travel, insidentally, SUCKED. ...Also, depending on where you travel and the duration of stay it often makes sense to launder shirts and press garments as needed. I used to have a couple of clients in Mexico City for example and the Intercontinental and JW Marriott over in the diplomatic area were fabulous - they'd unpack your bag, clean/press everything and have it hanging in your room by the time you got back from dinner. ...other places do that but charge $50 bucks. 5 days is a lot for one rollaboard but doable if you pack carefully and will be in ONE location so you don't have to unpack/repack 6 times.
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Maybe you already have done this but I have made separate lists of things I need to take for a day trip, an overnighter, and international travel. Then from these lists I have purchased the smallest possible items for each category. I keep this all in a separate drawer. So when I need to pack I get the appropriate list, open the drawer and pull out the right items. This way I only have to worry about clothing. I have been able to eliminate a lot of extra schlepping this way.
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I used to travel quite a bit; not as much anymore.  I never seemed to find a case that would fit in carry-on, which would hold more than one suit, without wrinkling everything-- have you considered shipping your luggage to your destination, then bringing it back "under the plane," as on your way home it won't matter so much if it arrives with you (or at a slightly later date-- plus, you can pack to get much less wrinkles)? You might want to look into the Zegna line of suits, especially the 'traveller' cloth, www.suityourself.com or a good super 120's medium weight wool suit, as they tend to do better on trips http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....33&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....73&rd=1 when all else fails, you could always "fold" your suits as best you can, throw them in a carry-on bag that just BARELY meets the requirements, and bring a steamer (I usually turn this on, along with the hottest water in the shower at the hotel, close the bathroom door and let my clothes get a good steam-bath). Consider also some versitile pieces, like the three-button "polo" sweater, which goes well with dress trousers, or worn under a suit or sportcoat: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....84&rd=1 Shoes with a blucher-style closure (rather than the v-shaped, more formal balmoral lace-up) seem to allow for some foot-expansion and greater comfort in the air-- not to mention I don't like to wear my BEST laceups on the plane: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....07&rd=1
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1. get a heavy rolling computer or catalogue bag, and a garment bag without wheels that fits on top. either a trifold, or a very thin small bifold, or a bag that is a lot like a roller with internal garment sleeve, but without wheels. keep all your heavy stuff, including any sports stuff, shoes, toiletries, in the computer bag. they never weigh the computer bag, and they usually won't ever weigh a garment bag without wheels, but if they do you can keep it light enough that they won't make you check it. 2. get 3 pair of coolmax underwear and sox, and a coolmax teeshirt, or some similar quick drying fiber. you can do hand laundry in the evening and it is dry in the morning. 3. I plan on sending out shirts to the laundry every time I am in the same hotel for 2 nights. so, if I am in the same hotel all week, all I need is 2 shirts. if I am in a different hotel every night, 6 shirts, etc. 4. 2 suits, each with 2 pair of pants and 2 each waistcoats, covers me indefinatly. count down from there - 5 days, 2 suits with one pair each pants and total 3 waistcoats, 2 days, 2 suits. I don't like to be with less than 2 suit coats, just in case. Keep in mind how many times you will see the same people, and how easy it will be to press things, when planning this. 5. I don't travel with any casual clothes, except gyms stuff, unless I will be setting up a trade show booth. 6. I gave up on the second pair of shoes, I don't like it but it makes my life easier. I will wear the same pair of shoes for a one week trip. for longer, I will take a second pair. 7. if you know that you go to the same place often - leave bags. At one point I used to start my trips out in the same few cities every time, and finish in the same few cities every time. I would leave a pack of laundry and case in each of 3-4 hotels, and get home with nothing but my computer bag. 8. toiletries - put everything in small containers, use shortened razer handles and tooth brush handles.
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Good question -- it's taken me a while now, but I can make it through up to two weeks in a Tumi 22" (with suiter) carry-on.  I travel on average about 160 days a year, usually a different city every day.  I am a professional lecturer by trade, so I am coat and tie every day in front of large audiences. My regimen: 1.  Keep two sets of toiletries -- one at home, one permanently packed in a dopp kit.  That way, you never forget anything -- and you can travel on a moment's notice. 2.  I bring three sets of shoes -- one to wear, gym shoes in my bag and an additional pair of dress / casual shoes also in my bag. 3.  I only bring one suit, unless I'm away from home more than 5 days.  Then, two suits.  I will bring a different shirt for every day, but only a couple or three (at most) ties.  Ties / shirts should be interchangeable. 4.  I thoroughly steam my suit each night at the hotel in the shower.  Sometimes, if needed, I will very lightly press my trousers. 5.  I have my suits tailored so that I don't need/wear a belt.  I usually wear RLPL, and prefer the trousers with the button tabs (my tailor calls them "daks") at the waist. 6.  This time of year, I always bring along a black v-neck sweater.  Works with jeans/dress shirt, works under a suit, works with only suit trousers -- can dress an outfit up/down depending on the situation.  In spring/summer, a black custom-fit polo shirt.  Again, works with jeans, khakis, and (in a stretch) with suit trousers. 7.  I always think about flexibility -- I have shirts and suits that I love, but that only work with one shirt/tie in my collection.  I do not bring these on long trips.  Instead, I always go for the solid charcoal, blue p/s, etc.  All combos should go with same set of shoes. 8.  Always bring a pair of nicely tailored khaki trousers.  They are nice enough to wear with a dress shirt after-work and  casual enough to wear around town so that you don't look like you forgot to pack anything else. In terms of actual travel itself -- I generally wear Allen-Edmonds shoes, for no other reason than because there is no metal shank in the sole.  Therefore, you can usually keep them on in the airport. Additionally, if I do wear a belt, I stick with the silver Tiffany & Co. buckle.  The walk-though metal detector won't alarm for precious/soft metals (can't make a gun out of solid silver) -- so cufflinks, watch, belt are all soft metals. I suppose I've rambled enough.  If you only remember one thing -- remember flexibility.  A suit should work with multiple shirts, ties, etc.  And is should all work with one pair of shoes. Hope this helps.  These guidelines got me through 142 lectures, 287 flight segments and almost 300,000 butt-in-seat miles last year. Cheers, Hoya
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I travel fairly often, about once every 2 weeks for usually a 2-3 day period, and almost always for a trade show or client meeting. My normal allotment is: 1 2-suiter garment bag with: 2 suits 3 dress shirts 1 22" Tumi carry-on with: some casual clothes 2 pairs of shoes (1 dress, 1 casual) toiletries gym stuff my laptop bag
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I travel fairly often, about once every 2 weeks for usually a 2-3 day period, and almost always for a trade show or client meeting. My normal allotment is: 1 2-suiter garment bag with: 2 suits 3 dress shirts 1 22" Tumi carry-on with: some casual clothes 2 pairs of shoes (1 dress, 1 casual) toiletries gym stuff my laptop bag
Do you carry all three pieces on board?
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If I'm flying, usually its 1st (or business) class and I usually don't have an issue carrying these items on board (my laptop bag is quite slim and I can fit it inside my garment bag if I have to) but normally they don't have too much of a problem with item quota for 1st class passengers (at least in my experience) other people may have diff mileage.
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Any recommendation for a compact garment bag?
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holy grail - tumi soft leather expandable with suiter sleeve http://www.tumi.com/product....d=12994 or tumi tri fold http://www.tumi.com/product....d=12994 or briggs riley tri fold http://briggs-riley.com/product.asp?pid=152 or briggs riley leather bi-fold http://briggs-riley.com/product.asp?pid=221 all are very good, and will last for a while, and have great warantees
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For 3 night/4 day trips I take 2 shirts (one worn, one packed), 2 slacks (one worn, one packed, usually one corduroy and one wool), 1 pair shoes (worn). One sweater. Add gym stuff, underwear, socks etc. and you still pack really lightly. -boston
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I curse myself everytime I fly because I bring shoes with my heavy shoe trees. I tell myself that I must get travel shoe trees, but then never get 'round to it.
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I curse myself everytime I fly because I bring shoes with my heavy shoe trees.  I tell myself that I must get travel shoe trees, but then never get 'round to it.
I stuff socks and underwear in the shoes.
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