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Ferragamo Newland Cap-toe?

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Do you own this Ferragamo pair Newland Cap-toe?

Is it from the top line of Ferragamo?

Would you go with this Ferragamo or a similar cap-toe from Alfread Sargent?
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Dont own it. It is from the "regular" Lavorazione line. Depends on the price and the look, although the Ferragamo will likely be the "sleeker" of the two.
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eh, you can do better on shoe and price. fwiw, SF outlets usually do their annual firesale in a couple weeks.
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I looked at these at Harry Rosens (selling for $550?)... My thoughts are

1. They're quite a high gloss, so they definately get noticed. Quite a sleek looking shoe for sure. The leather seemed quite hard, but other then that, i'm not the best to describe the quality.. overall I thought it was decent, but I thought it was probably 100-150 overpriced for what it was. I'm sure at that price point there are other options to look at.
2. It's not as common/popular a shoe, so you're probably going to have to pay retail for it.
3. I ended up getting the AE Soho and am happy with the decision, not to say the Newlands are bad or anything.
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