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While you could certainly get away with a pair of highly polished cap-toes at most black tie events, I wouldn't recommend it.  Patent is the only appropriate way to go.  Personally, I find slip-ons affected, so I choose to wear patent shoes with laces.  I would also recommend investing in a solid pair, as nothing is more irksome than a pair of cheap shoes.   I wear this particular pair from Allen Edmonds: AE Spencer But I prefer this pair from C&J: C&J Chatham Best of luck to you.
Ah the old debate between highly-polished calf and patent leather.  I don't which side to favor. But I like this calf grenson formal pump, 4th down on left: And this is the patent version, 2nd down, 2nd from left: Edit: see that you gents have already posted Grensons. Like Z., I've found them a bit tight across the toe. And when I went up a half-size, they became to long, and still a bit tight. I don't think I have freakishly abnormally sized feet either, so I don't get it.
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Proper tuxedo footwear have a bow, and are pumps. Such as what Belgian Shoes might produce. And usually they are not patent leather. Patent leather works well for a fairly typical black tie ensemble in my opinion.
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I must say I don't quite get the squeamishness about pumps. These are clearly the shoes to wear with a dinner jacket. Oh, I know everyone makes a patent leather laceup, but I really think that's just an accomodation and the way to really stand apart from the rented tuxes is to don the pump with bows in patent or black calf. Funny, though, every time I see a pair of these in a thrift store they are in the womens section. But those guys aren't the arbiters of taste, are they? I recently bought a few things from Fallan & Harvey (1 suit and 2 jackets) at the local Goodwill and even in pristine condition they were priced well below, say, a well-worn Tommy Hilfiger jacket. If you go for the laceups I think minimal lacing is a nice touch. I have an old pair of patent leather laceups by Alan McAfee with a two-eyelet closure (so they don't look too much like business shoes).
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