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J - what thrift stores are you going to? There is a consignment shop down on Madison Ave., by the garden store, that sells some very nice stuff, but I think the prices are about equivalent with ebay, but it might be a worthwhile place to check too.
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The exception to the "less urban" rule is a couple of small shops in the "gay" area of Seattle (Capitol Hill). For obvious, stereotypical reasons, those have better stuff most of the time, and it's usually better taken care of.
This is a universal truism. I once stopped in a resale shop whose profits go to AIDS research. The selection I must say was quite... Fabulous. I am waiting for researchers to uncover something in the DNA unique to gay gentlemen that also impacts the ability to see color. Most straight men can identify 10 of fewer colors between Navy Blue and light green, the average gay man - 73. IF we can unlock the visual potential without affecting the subject's sexual preferences we might have us a billion dollar drug that the fashion industry will happily purchase and hand out to customers free. This is something that needs investigation. I generally pick colors for silks, a few neighbor friends of mine tell me what to call it.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Any pharmaceutical researchers among us?
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