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Were to buy a great Navy Blazer?

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I am looking to buy a nice Navy Blazer. This will be my first one. Obviously, I don't want to break the bank, but I'm not afraid of spending money on it. The only thing I know is I want the classic single breasted. Anyone have some good ideas?
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any number of places have navy blazers, thrift shops, ebay, malls, etc... I'd say a Brooks blazer wouldn't be a bad choice, and you can find them all over ebay for $30-50.
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J. Crew has a pretty nice one, half-canvassed, for $348.
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post or PM me your jacket size-- I can keep my eye out for a couple you might consider on ebay; I consider myself a self-proclaimed Ebay Jedi Master.
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I'd suggest spending some money to buy high quality, since a blue blazer is one of those timeless classics that will never go out of style. I didn't do that and now regret it, as I need to replace my original blazer.
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I'm actually going to be in the market for a new blazer soon; my current model--a lovely doeskin from J. Press--is nearing the end of its life. Not sure whether to stick with a standby like Press or Brooks, or get something from Chan or whatever--I don't really need it to be "stylish", I need another workhorse.
post #7 of 14 Is that what you're looking for?
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More or less. Twin vents would be nice. Maybe a burgundy lining. It's never easy, is it?
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No, it isn't. I am actually replacing most of my wardrobe currently, and am stuck at the navy blazer. Not sure whether to go DB or SB. Not sure which type to pick up. I am currently thinking Brioni 3-button SB, and not sure which to pick up if I go DB, because I've never owned one. I saw a gentleman last night out dining who was wearing a DB navy blazer and it looked dashing.
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Hm, I have a couple diff navy blazers that I have had good luck with. I have two Brooks blazers, 1 346, 1 collection, a Corneliani Linea Sartoria, and two Oxxford blazers, all of which seem to work quite well.
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I saw a gentleman last night out dining who was wearing a DB navy blazer and it looked dashing.
I have several blazers (5) and my favorite is a Charvet DB 6-button in navy flannel. More character and interest than the typical SB 120s (which I also have) and least like a school uniform.
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Exactly. That's the exact reason I've always preferred DB jackets. I've always avoided the DB blazer because people say skinny guys shouldn't wear them. I started a new thread about that to avoid changing the topic on this one. I asked that gentleman last night where he got his blazer, he said his wife picked it up for him somewhere in London. I really wish I knew where, because it was very dignified looking, very handsome, and the buttons were not those tacky outlandish super-gold ones, they were more subdued (still gold), although I'm not sure how to explain it. The overall look was extremely sophisticated. I couldn't get up the nerve to ask what brand. That would have been quite tacky. And I couldn't agree more about wanting to avoid the prep-school look, it does make me feel like a dorky little kid whenever I try to wear a SB navy blazer. So I really haven't worn one much since graduation. But I'd like to, and that's why I'm now investigating some DB blazers.
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As I said over in that (or some) other thread, a DB jacket generally makes me feel Dressed Up. And when I want to dress up, I wear a suit. For me a blazer is almost an accessory; I want it to look good for kicking around, but it has to follow me, not vice-versa. Hence the need for a SB, at least now. Aside from my wearing-out J. Press one, I have a wearing-out tropical weight Brooks blazer. But I have a few more months to worry about that, for obvious reasons.
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Do you like your Brooks blazer? I haven't ever bought from BB, because I always thought their blazers looked a little cheap, or too plain or something. How does yours wear? Has it held up well over time? I want to pick one up that will last a while, and will look as good in a year or two as it does when I purchase it. I have a Canali (I think) navy SB, and I rarely wear it, but it has really kept up quite well over the 4 years I've owned it.
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