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Silvertip is one of the best qualities of brush, also known as Super Badger or Best Badger.  (Yes, conjures up images of a masked caped badger.)  The cheapest brushes are either synthetic or "bristle", which I _think_ is boar's hair. Ow.  The very best hiar is something called High Mountain Badger (don't ask me), but it is very, very, very expensive (~ $400) and I believe only made by a Freedom (French) firm called Plisson.
I thought there were three versions of badger hair commonly used in shaving brushes? Thought I read this in a Trumpers book they sent me years ago (pre-internet) when I used to have stuff sent from their shop in London. Also used to have Floris (pre NYC store) kit sent over (ah...the good old self-indulgent days)....