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EBAY buying advice needed

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Gents, There are those of you quite experienced in the marvels of Ebay. A question for you: Is it possible to configure one's account so that Ebay emails you everytime certain items have been listed, such as: "Southwick 42" or "Crimson Shop" or what-have-you? If so, it would save me from having to type in obscure, now defunct haberdashers and whatnot. Usually I find that items older shops, no longer in business, will occasionally be listed at fairly good prices, and I'd like to snap up an item or two, but unfortunately, I rarely have the time to go through and search Ebay like I'd like to. Or if I have the time, I find that 2 or 3 hours has passed and you know, can't have that happening to often... Thanks gents. H.
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Easy. Do a search for the item you want, and when the results come up there will be a link at the top of the page that says "Add to favorites" or "Add to favorite searches." From there, you get set up preferences to be e-mail whenever a new item is listed.
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Is it possible to extend your search to items that have recently ended?
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Yup - completed items can be searched and then the results saved in like fashion.. I get lots of "You had this for $100 and it did not sell, would you take 37 cents?" emails.
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Carlo: Oh, there you are. Why aren't you answering my e-mails. That last shipment of six ties was very nice. But I thought it was 37 cents for the six and you charged my credit card for $ 2.22. What gives? Are you a rip-off or something?
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I added in a charge for the six pairs of Zimmerli you shorted me. Search your inbox for - that's the address I replied from
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