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Do the 005s have more or less stretch in the waist than 007s???

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Originally Posted by herzzreh View Post

Forgot how well these stretch, got a somewhat loose one-wash, stretched out to a point where even braces barely hold them up right. Can fit a whole palm in the waist. frown.gif

My first pair of purple face fell down in the street (I had a coat on!), so I sold them and sized down, they still need frequent washing to stop them sagging on the butt:)
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Originally Posted by Hirsh View Post

Purple face is really cool, and I love the cute indigo leaf as

Purple face is super unique, just wish the 24oz came in my size

They fade gorgeously, and I love them

Eventually they'll retire to the Jeansmuseum in Zurich, where I already have 2 exhibits immortalised, but there's plenty of wear yet (bought December 2012) and I'll wear them to death

I'm rotating 5 pairs of jeans (more if I'm gifted any for my birthday) but I recommend purple face to anybody.

Lucky you if you can get the 24oz in your size!!!smile.gif
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Originally Posted by stukovx View Post

Are (were) those 007s?

You did a nice job!!!

I'm looking forward to wearing my second pair of purple face into a pike of cotton threads, but I got drenched in a storm yesterday and sadly they had mud on and had to be washed.
At least they don't fall down like the first pair!!!smile.gif
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Originally Posted by sillyboybmxer View Post

Do the 005s have more or less stretch in the waist than 007s???

Sadly all Pbjs stretch - they're gorgeous jeans but not eternal as although I guess the 24oz last better, the regular denim stretches out a Lot.

Still love them though!!!
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post


Pretty much brand new.

They look great; nice cut for you..good fit too.

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Originally Posted by 4characters View Post

                    Hey, does anyone hear know what kind of cotton Pure Blue Japan uses?

Zimbabwe cotton?

ELS or Pima cotton?

Suvin cotton?

I’m pretty certain they don't use Upland cotton…
Thanks guyssmile.gif

No, Momotaro use Zimbabwe cotton, I don't think Pbjs use cotton with a great provenance; they just slow loom weave it into great looking denims,with a big variety of finishes for such a small company.

Their kids wear is SO cute as well (no, I neither have nor want children, it was just an aside).

I wish my Pbjs would hurry up and dry..I'm in my Naked and Famous cashmere stretch and there's no competition..although (off subject), my custom Kurabo 21oz jeans - going since July 2012- are my best jeans to date in the last 35 years by miles...but still on the Holy Grail for best ever jeans!.

Basically, after all the waffle, I Think pbj just use regular cotton (it's definitely not Pima either)

Hope that helps
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post

I am a premium denim neophyte. Decided to buy some "nice" denim.

I now have two pair of PBJ jeans, both purchased in the last few weeks from the good folks at Blue in Green:

First is the AI 001. Very heavy, yet still comfortable. Fabric has an interesting hand. Yarns are hand dyed with some wonderful ancient Japanese secret process that dyes the yarn to the core. Not sure why this is important, but I paid extra for it anyway because I'm sort of a sucker for anything old school and "crafty."

Second pair is the X 009 Slightly less heavy. Fabric is very very dark blue. Apparently woven completely of dark threads in both weft and warp.

Fit on both pair is good on me. I was worried because I have a big butt and big thighs, but the cut on these is just about perfect. Wearing them cuffed.

I can tell it's going to be a long process of breaking in and fading on these jeans, but I'm very much looking forward to the results.

Will post some pics when I get the chance.

Can't wait to see your pics!!!

I too like the idea of natural indigo, although in reality it's a bit greenish for my taste - but you could always dye it purple I suppose!

Hope you have fun wearing them both..some good New Year shopping!
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Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon View Post

***shameless plug ... getting rid of the spare 007s__ new-ish pair will be up @marketplace once i get the measurements done__ both are tagged W33

Faded pair look great!

But why are you selling the spares?

Don't you want to have another go, to see if you can do even better next time - or are you re-investing the money in a new project?smile.gif
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Originally Posted by dotcomzzz View Post

Ordered the wrong size xx-011. Should have gotten a 34 instead of the 33s. They're raw and just a little tight in the thighs. A shame too because the denim is unreal.

Can't you exchange them or sell them or sell them before you start wearing them?

Pbjs stretch out a lot, but if they're raw they'll also shrink a lot.

You'll lose money if you have to sell them lightly worn; I had to sell my first purple face because they fell down (!) for not very much, but it's better than wasting them completely..
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Originally Posted by Nigma View Post

My xx-005s at around 13ish months. 

Nice work!

I used to end my jeans in holes (however much they'd cost) in maximum 11 months, but I'm getting better, although I did wear through a Very expensive custom pair in 7 months daily wear last year - won't be spending my £££ there again!
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Originally Posted by willrh1 View Post

Will a size 29 in the raws of the XX-13 stretch to fit a 32 waist after a hot soak?  Or should I go with a size 30?  How much are PBJs known to stretch?

Go with the 30s

Pbjs do stretch a lot, but being raw, they'll also shrink a lot.

Also, bear in mind that they're known for their slim thighs, so unless you're stick thin, or want to end up looking like you're wearing girls jeans, you'll need the 30.

Hope that helps!
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Originally Posted by willrh1 View Post

Fit Check on these?  Just got these last week but haven't had a chance to wear/take pics. They are a size 30 raw, 32 inch waist that fits perfect as is. Thing is they are unsanforized. I'm not concerned about the waist though, I'm more concerned about the thighs. The measuring chart says they should be 11.5 inches but I'm measuring them at barely over 11 inches. Worries me a little because they are so tight and they will shrink. Strange enough my Blueowl x Momotaro 003s measure about the same in the thighs and they don't feel tight at all. I'm thinking it's just because the denim is in its raw state and I've forgotten how tight/stiff they can be. I'm remembering why people think we're crazy. Thoughts?

They look too tight to me.

I'd size up, or you'll do yourself serious bodily harm when they're washed!!!
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JFC multiquote please. I'm also still debating if you're a troll or if you just have no clue based on previous posts in other threads.
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