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Thighs look pretty tight to me. Can you sit comfortably in them?

I would hem them. To me the proportions are off with the top block so tight and then big stacks at the bottom
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They are surprisingly comfortable, although they are 18oz they are really soft. Sitting and walking is fine. They are a size 32, I tried the 33 but was way, way too loose in the waist. They sagged off my ass too much also. Will get them hemmed, should flow a little nicer hopefully! Thanks for the input smile.gif
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XX007 icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif @7y/o= around 20mos effective wear shog[1].gif

Taken outside ***indirect light= in the shades

Taken inside= available light


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Looking for some advice on PBJ XX-005 (one wash version) sizing. I usually take a 28 or so (27/28 APC PS, 27 Somet 003/008, etc.).

Went to BiG yesterday and tried on the 005 one wash in 28 and 29. I couldn't really get the 28s up past my hips without significant discomfort (don't know if I could have buttoned them up all the way) but the 29s buttoned up fine and fit well through the thigh, knee, calf. I'm only worried because I've heard that the once-washed PBJs stretch out A LOT. Should I stick with the 29s or size down to the 28s and hope they stretch a lot. I'd need them to stretch through not only the waist, but also the hip and thigh.

Likewise, do you guys take some size in 005 as you do in 013?
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No, get the larger size
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Concur w/ EA__ O/W version's not shrunk to the max
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Thanks. One more Q:

Do the slim straight (e.g., xx-005) and slim tapered (e.g., xx-013) fit the same through the top block (rise and waist)? Do you guys take the same size in both? I only tried on the 005 and size 29 works for me, but I am thinking the 7.5" leg opening will be too wide...
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Anybody know if PBJ ever does workshirts? I thought this western shirt was pretty dope, but I'm more of a workshirt guy than a snap-button western shirt guy: http://www.okayamadenim.com/collections/pure-blue-japan/products/pure-blue-japan-deep-indigo-selvedge-western-shirt?variant=902662733
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