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Couldn't find corp. address on site, for USA. Perhaps I should search for the one in England. I'm looking for a small button for the sleeve of my older Burberry. I was wearing it today and noticed the sleeve button had fled the sleeve and was nowhere to be found. I rather naively believe, I suppose, that if I write, they will send. Also, anyone know, if one washes a Burberry in a washing machine, what happens to the waterproofing? I suppose it gets washed off? I did just that (wash it) and was wondering if there were any special procedure for reproofing it? And while I am at it, rambling on, anyone know when Burberry stopped doing the 100% cotton trench? My older one is 100% cotton. Two newer ones (one in tan, one in a deep Brit. Khaki) are 51cotton/49poly and some other combo. for the other (I cannot recall exactly what). Thanks lads. H.