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Prince Charles' Tux

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Did anyone see that tux Prince Charles was wearing in the photos today in the newspaper with Camilia Parker Bowles? It was a normal enough looking black formal suit, looked like peak lapels, but the collar around the neck, was bright red. As well the sleeves extending from the wrist up about 6-8 inches were made of the same red material. The rest of the tux was a normal black.
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Windsor Coat
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An absolutely hideous suit.
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Do you suppose the lining of his tux is red, too? I don't know why, but I seem to like tuxedoes and even suits with red lining... it seems in leather jackets, too. WJTW
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Do American newspapers publish stuff about the royals.? What page was it. l thought that American newspapers would put something about the monarchy on the back pages. ln Australia, (a crown country) we had pictures all over the newspaper, but America l don't understand.
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