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drizzt3117 and Andrew V., your purchases are certainly among the more tasteful ones offered by Banana Republic. What makes me mad about Banana  Republic is that their patterned shirts -- including the more tasteful ones -- always seem not quite right to me. It's a very subtle thing. The patterns aren't exactly British, aren't exactly Italian but seem like some sort of poor imitation of each. When choosing patterned shirts, I think one should be very very discriminating. The designer must realize that the choice of colors, the thickness of the lines, the position of lines relative to each other, etc -- every small detail -- matters in making a pattern tasteful or odd. I offer for your admiration the patterns by Luigi Borrelli:
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Vulgar? Yes. I suppose some of them are alright, but look at this crap: http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse....gory=10
I don't know, D., I sort of like that one.
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Right now I own about 30 "premium" dress shirts, from vendors like T&A, H&K, Coles, etc... and about 20-30 "cheap" dress shirts from BR and Express (that I typically paid a max of $20 for) While I'd like all of my shirts to be Kabbaz, that would throw off my clothing budget a bit and I like to have a pretty good arsenal of shirts to do dry cleaning on a less frequent basis. Personally, I think the non-iron Express and "classic cut" BR shirts work fairly well in ensembles with my suitings, which are typically Brioni, Oxxford, Belvest, and the like.
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I don't see what the big deal is at all, let alone whatever assertion is being made in calling them "vulgar." Sure, they're ripping off established and superior makers for the sake of marketing to the masses, but that is not inherently a bad thing. A lot of the patterns are tacky and overdone, and I would not wear them, but I think Banana Republic has some interesting options that would be great for someone looking to depart from the standard fare without having the money or knowledge to go up a few notches. I don't see myself shopping there unless I can pick up something on extreme discount for rough wear, and I wouldn't consider someone wearing their latest offerings to be a paragon of style, but I don't see anything wrong with BR. For what it's worth, I don't like any of those Borrelli patterns shown, and, on the basis of appearance alone, would much prefer some of the BR fabrics over them.
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I offer for your admiration the patterns by Luigi Borrelli:
I'm sure Borrelli's sweating bullets over the latest offering from Nanners. Chill out.
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the middle Borrelli shirt is divine- the rest are eh for me. There are tiers to clothing, and that's a good thing IMO. BR, JCrew, Express, etc. are all middle tier clothing. Why knock it when it serves a great purpose? When I decided years ago to start dressing better, I was like most 20somethings and couldn't afford anything high end- BR was a terrific option for me. Yes the quality is so so; the retail prices have become a joke; and their items will rarely fit as well as something high end- and I could care less. A BR sale, IF you catch it at the right time, is pretty damn good. I really miss the days when JCrew would absolutely blow out everything online 5+ times a year... that ship has sailed
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Hahaha, "Nanners."
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I really miss the days when JCrew would absolutely blow out everything online 5+ times a year... that ship has sailed  
I know what you mean. I think it may be a result of their new creative director (the guy who built Gap). I seem to recall hearing that he wanted to shift the focus to making higher quality clothing in much more limited quantities, thus leaving much less merch. around for those clearance sales.
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