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Educational process for tailors or shirtmakers

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I was interested in what the educational process was for shirtmakers or suit makers, and how long would it take. I've picked up that it mainly involves apprenticeship, but are there any classrooms or universities where one would also learn the theory as well. I'm assuming that the number of years of training would depend on what you chose to specialize in. And, is there some type of exam which one must pass to 'graduate'? And, is there an age where it is too late to begin such a career?
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No age too late. C'mon over. Never too many passionate clothiers. How long? Derives from how passionate/how smart/previous experience. Edit: Previous experience means previous life experience, not previous experience in the sartorial trades.
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P.S.: esquire's question has been asked more than once. My answer, for those who didn't get it, that was a serious "Help Wanted" ad. Most of us in the sartorial trades, bespoke and close thereto, are always seeking employees and/or apprentices who have a passion for the art and a willingness to learn. I could put you to work today. So, I would venture to guess, could Chuck, Roman, a top quality fabric merchant, another shirtmaker I know, a tailor or two ... the list goes on. It requires hard work and long hours. In most cases, the learning curve is also long. But you know all those pretty & handsome garments you always see here on the S.F. and A.A.A.C.? You get to make ... and keep those as part of your education. Oh, stop drooling. It doesn't become your stature as a member of the S.F. Again, all but the last sentence was serious for anyone seriously interested.
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