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Mike Williams ran a 4.5 last year in a private workout.  Just so you know, Terrell Owens also ran a 4.5 during the NFL combine, actually Mike Williams is a very similar reciever to Andre Johnson or Terrell Owens. Edwards has had a decent college career, but had lesser stats than either Howard or Terrell in college.  I think the position player/school comparison is very valid because it shows how a school develops that position, if they don't succeed in the NFL, while being successful in college, it could certainly have a lot to do with the system/scheme they played in.  I think Edwards is actually going to be a pretty good player in the NFL (along the lines of a Michael Clayton, Keary Colbert type of player) as opposed to Williams, who will be a Johnson/Owens type of player, who could take a 5 yard pass and turn it into a 80 yard TD.  Edwards is not Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald, and shouldn't be drafted as such.
I had heard the 4.5 was hand timed, which if it was, means it is really a 4.6 or worse. Isnt Andre Johnshon a blazer? He just finished 2nd in the NFL fastest man competition. I am still not a strong buyer of the college postion / NFL success correlation. To keep using the Michigan analogy if John Navarre turns into and Pro Bowl QB like Tom Brady, Elvis Grbac, or Brian Griese then I am on board...but until then... From a statistical standpoint Edwards actually had a better career than either Howard or Terrell. I guess the bottom line is that we will find out who the NFL scouts agree with on draft day... Terrell: Season\tRecp\tYds\tYds/Recp\tTD 1998\t14\t149\t10.6\t2 1999\t71\t1038\t14.6\t7 2000\t67\t1130\t16.9\t14 Career\t152\t2317\t15.2\t23 \t\t\t\t\t Howard:\t\t\t\t Season\tRecp\tYds\tYds/Recp\tTD 1989\t9\t136\t15.1\t2 1990\t63\t1025\t16.3\t11 1991\t62\t985\t15.9\t19 Career\t134\t2146\t16\t32 \t\t\t\t Edwards:\t\t\t Season\tRecp\tYds\tYds/Recp\tTD 2001\t3\t38\t12.7\t0 2002\t67\t1035\t15.4\t10 2003\t85\t1138\t13.4\t14 2004\t97\t1330\t13.7\t15 Career\t252\t3541\t14.1\t39
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From what I have seen of Mike Williams, he strikes me as a bigger Michael Irvin.  Not a burner, but someone who can make tough catches over the middle and move the chains.  Not a bad thing to be. Edit: I swear I made the above comment before reading CNNSI's description of Williams.
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I don't think anyone has expected Navarre to be a great QB, look at where he was drafted... If those were all first round QBs, than the comparison would be more relevant, but Grbac was a 8th round pick, Brady a 6th, Navarre a 6th, and Griese, the highest, a 3rd round pick... Edwards has put up decent numbers but Terrell had Knight opposite him, which limited his #s somewhat. I think he may be a 1st round worthy WR but he's not a top 5 pick IMO. IMO he's certainly the 2nd WR on the board.
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In which round do you think that Maurice Clarett will be drafted(if at all)?  Which teams may be interested?  Clarett played just one season and had a good year, but seems like an idiot in so many ways.
The draft is loaded with quality RBs.  I doubt any teams will want to take a chance on a RB who hasn't played in more than a year and who has a history of immaturity before the 3rd or 4th round.
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Keyshawn Johnson, even at 6'4", 214 does not seem to have the physical presence of Terrell Owens or Andre Johnson. Marvin Harrison is a strange specimen compared to so many other NFL wideouts: he's 6'0", 175. Owens is 6'3", 226. Andre Johnson is 6'3", 219. Pure speed is overrated. Quickness is critical. That's what helped make Jerry Rice so good at turning what may have been very little into a big gain. Freddie Mitchell didn't play just football in college:
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Looks like Williams' poor performance in the combine will cost him, and Edwards is moving up boards... I don't like him that early because many of his big games were against very poor competition. However, I guess we'll see what happens this next season.
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The accounts I read indicated that Williams performed respectably.  No one other than Williams expected him to run under a 4.5 40.  He's more of a possession receiver anyways.  Ronnie Brown apparently tore up the combine with his 40 times.  His combination of size and speed reminds me of Fred Taylor.
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Hopefully Fred Taylor w/o the injuries. Williams is just a beast IMO, exactly the right receiver to take the 5 yard swing pass and take it the distance after crushing a 5'9 corner with a stiff-arm. Edwards could be Roy Williams, or he could be David Terrell... take your chances.
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