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Need a watch, suggestions?

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I am in the market for a new watch right now, I'm still in my teens and going to school so my price range is between 0-$350 or so. I have been looking around at various websites but I don't know which brands are quality for the dollar or not. I don't have much experience with brand names, I only know a few like Cartier, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, and so on. I just need to diversify outside of this same crappy Eddie Bauer watch I've had since I was 13. Any help is appreciated.
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I happen to think that Coach makes a beautiful watch -- very classy and lower profile, so that it can look good in all circumstances -- and you can often find them on Ebay for less than $200. Fendi is another good bet for around $400. I have a Fendi square and I LOVE IT. At first I thought it wasn't "young" enough, but it turns out that a nice brushed or polish silver face with a low profile and a leather band are best for smaller wrists like mine. Since you are a teenager, you obviously don't want to look like you're trying to be Richie Rich. Just as you wouldn't show up to school wearing a Kiton suit, you shouldn't show up to school wearing a Patek or Rolex watch (or Cartier or Omega for that matter). Stick with Coach, or Kenneth Cole, or something along those lines. Kenneth Cole really makes some nice looking timepieces IMO, and they are a good bang for your buck. Just make sure that you get either a Swiss or a Japanese movement. And rest assured that you'll have time for expensive watches later in life -- you should be saving your money to take a girl out for a nice dinner.
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Well, Mr. Mittal is quite the watch afficianado, and we have a few others on the board that are knowledgable. I know a bit, so I'll try to help. First off, never pay full retail. You can find both current-season and past-season watches online for deep discounts. Ebay has some good watches, but if you don't trust the sellers or haven't used it before, you can also find some other sites - just look around. I'll suggest some brands, I'll note the regular retail price. Expect to find them online for 25-60% off those prices. For $350, you have quite a few options (though not quite into the Cartier/Rolex/Omega bracket). 1. Swiss Army - Produces some nice classic, military-inspired watches with modern twists. Swiss-made, quartz movements, a quality watch for the money that you will have for a while. I own three (two are Swiss Army brand, one is a Wenger designed by Swiss Army). Retail prices are around $150-$300. 2. Skagen - Danish design company that produces some slick modern-looking watches. They are famous for unbelievably thin watches that have a very cool steel mesh band. The price is good too, around $100 for most models. 3. Seiko/Citizen - Japanese watches. Quality is good, though I think you can do better for the money. Some of the designs are nice, though it seems everybody has one of these brands. Some of the dive-style watches are nice. 4. Vintage watch - online, you can find some cool vintage watches from the 1940's to the 1960's. For $350, you would be able to find a nice watch such as a 1960's Longines or Omega, or a 1940's Bulova. I like these watches a lot, and not many people have them (especially your age). These are great quality watches with mechanical movements, either manual-wind (you have to wind it every day) or automatic (winds itself when you move your wrist). 5. Diesel - Produces some hip, trendy designs for the younger crowd. Prices are around $100. Some of the designs have a regular steel bracelet, others feature a wide leather cuff. 6. If you are looking for a brand to show-off, you can find some used (but in good condition) Tag Heuer F1's from the mid to late 1990's for around $150. Just find a reputable seller.
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Check this Coach watch out on ebay. Search ebay for item # 4109166916 Also, if you don't like this style so much, Swiss Army makes a solid watch as well (I like the Victorinox brand better than th Wenger brand)
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I think that Versaceman has a cool idea re: vintages. I just saw some really cool Vintage Omegas on ebay and guess that they'll end up around 200 or so. The only thing I'd be concerned about is recourse if the watch is a lemon. The safer bet is to go new with warranties.
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Also, if you don't like this style so much, Swiss Army makes a solid watch as well (I like the Victorinox brand better than th Wenger brand)
I've been wearing my Wenger for about 4 years now and it's help up great. It has a stainless steel case, rotating bezel with a slightly fluted edge (like the edge on a quarter), dark eggshell dial, gold bars for hour markers, gold hands, and a gold ring around the crystal. I stuck an aftermarket light brown croc strap w/ gold buckle, so it looks pretty sharp. Retail was maybe $400 plus cost of the band. I purchased two a year or two ago that I have yet to wear yet. One is a Victorinox, stainless case and bracelett, red dial, white hour numbers, 'Victorinox' on the left edge of the case, the crown and date window are located off of the 4 rather than the 3 - quite unique. Full retail was around $175. The second reminds me of a Luminox. It has a black rubber tactical strap with three rows holes punched in it. Flat black aluminum case, black dial, glow-in-the-dark numbers, date, and hands. I thought it would make a nice sport watch.
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I think that Versaceman has a cool idea re: vintages.  I just saw some really cool Vintage Omegas on ebay and guess that they'll end up around 200 or so.  The only thing I'd be concerned about is recourse if the watch is a lemon.  The safer bet is to go new with warranties.
I want to pick up a new watch before I start a real job - maybe as a graduation gift to myself or reward for starting an internship. I was thinking of getting a nice white gold vintage Omega. Classic watch.
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This is something that I would love to get.  Omega $210 is a great price too, IMO.  What a gorgeous watch.  Anybody want to get me an early birthday gift?
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Versaceman, I agree that the Wengers are at least the equals to the Victorinox construction wise. I've just always preferred the V designs better. As for the watch, I'll get it for you if you buy me a pair of new Edward Green's for my birthday.
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Yes, vintages are a fine way to go but I wouldn't know if you being young want that sort of image. However there are some quality items out there. I.e. Universal, Omega, Longines, Hamilton, GP, etc. Gucci is another option although you'll have to try eBay becuase for retail their pricing is above $400. Fendi is about that price though. And there's also Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, and Burberry. Versace is too high priced for your outlined price. Swatch perhaps is another option.
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Am I uncool to suggest a Fossil? They're quite rare where I live, but I get the feeling they're overdone in the US. Yes? No? I recently picked one up, and have received nothing but complements - it's got a rectangular, analog face and came with three interchangeable leather cuffs, black, brown and black-and-white striped, for a little variety. Didn't break the bank, either.
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Check this out: Nerd Watch Museum I am dying to get a good nerd watch. I want a digital with a real metal case that looks geeky. I have a couple regular ones that are nice, a Citizen ultra thin solar powered one with a cracked sapphire crystal (which will cost $80 to replace) and a Kenneth Cole interim tank whose shape I like a lot and which is working fine for its purpose although I have already managed to scratch its crystal. But I feel the need for nerd. Anyway still in high school, save your money and get a Kenneth Cole or something like that, one of their more sedate tanks is very multipurpose and at your age I'd suggest keeping as much of your money as you can. You'll want it when you get to college. Maybe you can insinuate your way into a nice watch for HS graduation.
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Ah, that reminds me, I used to have a watch that was a combined calculator/databank, as well as being an infrared TV/VCR remote control. That's a fun watch to have when the video you're watching in class is going overtime...
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My buddy in middle school had one of those and we used to have plenty of fun. Now I've graduated to the Sony Clié with similar capabilities. I can go to bars and change the channel from a football game I'm not interested in just at the perfect moment and noone has any idea how it happened.
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Ok. We talk a lot about suits construction, canavas vs fused.. In watch, its the same. There is machanical movement watch and Quartz(battery powered) movement watch. Either way, 90%+ swiss movements (both machanical and Quartz movement are made from company named ETA). Rolex is one of the rare watch makers that uses their own in-house designed movements. If having a good quality swiss movement watch is important to you with affordable price then get Fossil. Fossil is a branch company of OMEGA and uses movements made by ETA. You do not need to buy watches from fashion designer labels for higher price since the inside of watch are the same as FOSSIL. But the casing design on some of the fashion watches are worth a money.
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