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Mont Blanc or oftenther upper end writing utensils

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What do we think? Are these faked often? Can they be had at a good price? Any comments? Thanks.
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Montblanc is faked with alarming frequncy - check feedback. If the price is rational and the feedback long and good then it is real - ain't no $5 ones though.
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How about this one. Mont Blanc eBay auction
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Private feedback is generally not a good sign. You will get a negative now and then no matter what by three this month is sorta kinda a lot.
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Actually, scratch the one above. How about this one? Ebay auction' I see, this one has private feedback too.
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Seriously, you are better off just calling places like Fountain Pen Hospital in Manhattan and other smaller non-Montblanc company stores that carry the line and see what specials / discounts you can negotiate. When that fails, try Costco (seriously). Jon.
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I'm not looking for the most expensive pen, just one that isn't terribly ugly and is a fountain. What is the cheapest I can expect to pay? Any other pen manufacturers of comparable quality to look for?
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try also in NY City. Authorized gealer with GREAT prices
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I carry this one Aurora FWIW I think it is a much nicer pen, easier to write with, near indestructable and a Montblanc at Hopkins is likely to be as ubiquitous as a Starbucks in Manhattan.... this'n will be easier for ya to keep track of.
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I did alot of research on fountain pens about a year ago. Depending on how much effort you want to put into this, there are some fountain pen forums and googling brings up useful info. As I recall, many of the people really into pens sort of frown on the Mont Blancs as over-priced for their quality and a sign that someone doesn't really know about pens - but then if the point is only to try to impress people who don't know much about pens, the Mont Blanc has the cachet. Omas pens are very good. I have a Paragon that is an absolutely great writer and that I think is much more elegant than the Mont Blancs. Pelikans are also considered excellent and the Pelikan Souveran series gives you a wide range of choice in size/price (bigger=pricier). I have a 400 which is one of the smaller ones and it writes very well. I tried an Aurora Optima in a store and if I were going to make another pen purchase, that would be the one. Ideally you would want to find a pen shop that has some of these for you to try different brands in different nib sizes, but a local shop is probably going to be completely uncompetitive with online prices, so you probably want to try them out locally and buy them online if that does not present ethical problems for you. Once you get a fountain pen, you will realize that the kind of ink you choose will make a big difference and there is much information on inks available online. Mont Blanc ink is no good. Aurora ink is generally considered one of the best - I use Aurora black in my Omas and Pelikan. And then you will find that the kind of paper you write on makes a difference. There are a lot of opinions as to what paper is best and some people make their own pads. Rhodia pads work well for me. You might also take a look at So, to summarize, my opinion, FWIW, is that you will get better quality at a better price with Omas, Aurora or Pelikan than with Mont Blanc.
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I'd like a nice pen, but I hear that fountain pens tend to leak inside your jacket: they unscrew themselves and ink gets all over. I also hear that if you drop a fountain pen, the laquer will shatter. Is there some sort of elegant writing utensil that I could use that will do neither of the above? (comedy Bic ballpen option)
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I think the leaking thing is kind of over-exagerated. The only pen that ever leaked on me was a cheap Uniball. I think generally you only need to be concerned with a fountain pen leaking is when flying because of the change of air pressure.
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I've used several fountain pens extensively, and haven't had a single one leak on me while flying. I use a Waterman Phileas on a daily basis, and recommend it as excellent value for money. I also like the Pelikan Souveran range - have an 800.
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A couple of comments: Mont Blanc are not very good pens for the money. Quality is mediocre and price is premium. You can do better. Some excellent choices: Pelikan. These have some of the best writing nibs of any pens. Their 800 series are classic in looks and have a very smooth 18k nib. Aurora. Terrific pens, Their Optima series has great nibs, and come in a nmber of color combinations. Montegrappa. Their 18kt nibs are the smoothest I've ever used. Parker. Their duofolds are classics. As for ebay. If you aren't buying Montblanc pens, you are not likely to find a fake, as there aren't a lot of fake Pelikans or Montegrappas out there. I recently purchased a new Pelikan 800 from this seller: There are lots of other reputable pen sellers on ebay. You also might want to check As for fountain pens leaking. I use fountain pens every day. I fly with them on airplanes, and haven't had any leakage issues.
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I like the Parker duofolds and I like the Waterman. I don't care for Mont Blanc. And I have all three of these pens. There's an "outlet" section on Levenger that might offer a good deal now and then. Also, I suggest, if you are in Boston, going to the pen store just off Park/Downtown Crossing. I forget the name but it's maybe called Bromfield Pen Shop. You can get some deals there (and find some things marked up significantly). But they know their pens.
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