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Anyone have any tips on how to clean shoelaces? I usually just throw them into the laundry with my clothes but theres still some marks on it that won't come off. Was thinking of holding the edges and dipping it in bleach but was worried it might get too bright. Do you ever clean your laces?
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What kind of laces?
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Sneaker laces, specifically white ones.
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I don't normally bother to wash my laces, but I would try bleach or maybe Oxiclean. Or you could just buy new laces.
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Here is how you can clean your shoelaces in few simple steps.


Fill your sink or basin with warm water.


Let your shoelaces soak for 30 seconds.


Take the shoelaces out of the sink or basin.


Rub the shoelaces in soap.


Let soak again for 30 seconds.


Get several tablespoons of baking soda.

Take the shoelaces out again and rub them thoroughly in baking soda. Put any extra soda into the sink, along with the laces. Let soak for a few minutes.


Take them out and dry them by grabbing one end of the shoe laces and pressing down on it, draining all the water absorbed.


Once dry, put them back in and enjoy your squeaky clean laces!


Hope it helps!


Fred from www.maxlaces.com.au

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