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Sure beats the $295 list, don't it?
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Sure does. I even got them in a different size. My black Hillcrests are 11.5EEE and my chestnut Hillcrests are 12EEE, and I've come to realize that they are a tad too wide. I got the Hastings in 12D, although in some of the other styles that I tried on I think that 12E would have been best. Also, I had always avoided the chili color because it seemed too red for my taste, but now I like it. Go figure.
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The disparity in fit between the Hillcrest and the Hastings is quite surprising. I know that the Hillcrest is on the #4 last, and I have the impression that the Hastings is too. (Unfortunately, my printed A-E catalog is at home, and I don't think the last numbers appear on A-E's website.) It's because of experiences like yours that I firmly believe in only buying shoes I've tried on. In my normal size, 13D, I don't care for the #3 last, find the #1 very "iffy" (sometimes good and comfortable, sometimes not) while the #4, #5 and #8 have always been very comfortable. I just got my first pair on the #0 last (the discontinued Kingsley) and like it well.
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I need to start paying more attention to the different lasts. I think I made the mistake of buying the slightly-too-wide shoes because having wide feet, and having always found that most brands fit too narrowly, I figured the wider the better. Just as with my long arms I have in the past made the mistake of thinking that sleeves could never be too long.
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On consulting the A-E catalog, I find that the Halifax is actually on the #5 last. I personally find very little difference between the #4 and #5 in fit. I note that both the Fairfax and Halifax are on the #5 last, which leads me to wonder if the only difference in the two A-E wholecuts is in the colors they're offered in and the broguing patterns.
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