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Love this auction!!

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Love this - this guy is selling an Express Tie but calls it "similar to Charvet". I bet half of the 10 people bidding on it think they're getting a Charvet. Panzer
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I am a great admirer of Charvet's silks I have worn Charvet ties. That, Sir, is not a Charvet tie. It is keyword spamming though. It bugs me that so many people do it. I just love it when I post a Kiton and have 20 items ahead of it on the search page with titles like: "Generico Tie Brioni Kiton Oxxford Attolini Gucci Fendi Isaia Barbera Armani Vuitton" ...and their auction gets 30 times the hits mine does.
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And conveniently, no pic of the tag. That's not cool. Dan
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Being in a bit of a passive aggressive mood today, I reported the guy to eBay for keyword spamming. I'll keep an eye on the auction to see if they do anything
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Ridiculous. $31+ with over 3 days to go. That tie retailed for $45 brand new.
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Yeah, that's a pretty dick thing to do. Alas, some people don't know any better and people who do will try to take advantage. Jon.
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If I use a brand name that is NOT the brand of the auction item I do it inside the ad, not the title and do so for purposes of illustration. Example: "Belvest is a little nicer than Canali or Corneliani, not quite as nice as Brioni" to describe a brand that not everyone is familiar with. I rarely even do that and don't get complaints because 99% of the time folks search by title only and otherwise they can tell that I am being descriptive - not sneaky. It's a gray area - I think intent comes through most of the time. Pet peeve #2: "Tom James (Oxxford) suit yada yada yada" A shared parent does not a sibling make. I've seen some nice stuff from TJ, construction is good and they go cheap on ebay... but them ain't Oxxfords.
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I guess being a rat worked out; the auction isn't up anymore.
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