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Pantherella sock prices?

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My local Marshalls has the thin cotton blend dress socks for $3 and some cashmere blend (seem a little bit thicker than the cotton) for $7. I've never tried these socks before , having purchased most of my socks from Costco - are those good discount prices??
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excellent prices. I'd suggest that you stock up.
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I have picked up a few of these on clearance at Marshall's as well, but I have ended up returning all but the last pair, on which I'm undecided. Do they shrink? All the ones I have gotten except the last have been way too big, i.e. the heel of the sock is up above the back of the shoe. Also, many of them are sheer, so you can see my pasty chicken legs through them. Yuck.
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Well, I have big feet so the size shouldn't be a problem, but I do have pasty white skin. Anyway, if that's a good price I will at least try out a few.
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Yeah, you should be good to go, just try stretching them out a bit to see if you can see light through them easily. I am a size 10-1/2 or 11, and the 10-13 size Pantherellas are way big on me, which is pretty unusual. Maybe that's why they are on clearance and at Marshalls in the first place.
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I caught a deal similar to this at TJ Maxx in December. I stocked up on all sorts. Very pleased so far.
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That's a great price for Pantherella socks. Keep in mind, places like Marshall's don't have these in stock most of the time. And, when they recently did have them, the prices for their cotton socks were around $5 and their cashmere blends were for $15. However, we're still talking about socks and its up to you to decide how much you really want to spend. I bought a pair of their cotton ones, and I really cannot tell the difference between these and some other brands. If it doesn't make a real difference to you, you might instead buy some other brands they carry at Marshall's or TJMaxx where for the same amount of money you might be able to get more socks.
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Why must you taunt me. You don't even want to know what they cost here, what with the exchange rate...
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Why would they be more expensive, if you factor in the exchange rate? I thought that since Pantherella socks were from England, that the exchange rate wouldn't be a factor if you're buying them in London. Or, are you referring to the VAT?
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Nope, they're just much more expensive here. I remember them being around £10, or $19 at todays exchange rate. [EDIT] That's for cotton. They get more expensive for the cashmere blends. For a whole host of reasons, VAT merely being one of them, consumer goods are significantly more expensive in England. The exchange rate just makes it worse when comparing to US prices. I'm heading straight for a Marshall's when I'm back Stateside.
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chorehose: Could you please go into more detail why consumer goods would be more expensive in England than America, if we are essentially talking about the same goods produced by the same manufacturer. I wonder if we are comparing apples to oranges. We can't compare Marshall's price to the ones in England unless there are also these same stores in London or some other types of discount retailers. And, from my understanding, the prices in Europe are generally higher than those in America but they are also higher in quailty. A lot of the junk sold here in America wouldn't be bought by Europeans. If anything, you'd think the socks would be more expensive in America due to shipping and import costs, etc...
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The generally accepted 2005 retail prices for current season Pantherella stock are as follows: Cotton Lisle or Superfine Merino Plain Color Dress Hose (70% Cotton or Wool/30% Nylon) Long Anklet: $21 Over-the-Calf: $23 Cotton Lisle or Merino Fancies Long Anklet: $25 Over-the-Calf: $29 Soft Cotton Casuals, Argyles, Wool Casuals - Long Anklet Only: $25 Evening Collection Silk Formal Long Anklet: $35 O.T.C.: $43 Cashmere Long Anklet: $ 84 O.T.C. $ 100 Boot Sock: $37 Most sock retailers will charge less if you purchase six pairs exactly the same.
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Cashmere Long Anklet: $ 84   O.T.C. $ 100
$100 for a pair of socks? I'll take two. Dan
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At Turnbull & Asser the calf-length thick cashmere socks (made by Pantherella) were at $145. Pantherella also makes an 85% cashmere sock that is comparatively affordable (20 quid)
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I bought one pair of cashmere socks, years ago, for about 60 bucks. They wore out so fast I vowed never to do it again.
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