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more Wildsmith on ebay

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Hmmm, Ebay is supposed to email me when someone posts wildsmith shoes, and it didn't for these. I see why -- for some reason, these aren't categorized under "clothing/shoes"; they only come up doing an "all categories" search for wildsmith. Anyway, nice boots but not my size. The antiquing suggests EG to me. They're actually a bit generic-looking now that I reconsider. I'd believe you if you told me they were Sargent or C&J or EG or Weston. The last isn't that distinctive.
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I have no vested interest in this auction. But there are no bidders and it's still at 5 quid. Mr Wildsmith would charge like 100 times that. Anyone?
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Depends -- could be either depending on the maker or on the last. This boot is likely either Edward Green or Crockett and Jones, unless it is bespoke (and as there seems to be a posted size, I doubt it is bespoke).
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Well, I finally cracked and bid on them. Wish there was a picture of the soles, though.
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I've sent the seller two emails that have not been responded to. I've decided that there are simply some sellers who do not regularly check their EBay email, for whatever reason. It doesn't necessarily mean they're bad sellers though, just inattentive.
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Hmm. I'd be grateful if you could share any pics/info.
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On the typewriter auction he states that he will be away until the 19th.
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I won the shoes and promptly had my money refunded, due to "the shoes being damaged in an accident" according to the seller. oh well.
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I wouldn't be surprised at all, if with the help of some wonder-snake-oil the "damage" can be repaired and the shoes make another appearance on eBay soon.
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Whatta GIFT--Under 10 bucks? Unreal..
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The seller finally emailed me saying that the shoes weren't his; that he was selling them for a friend. All he knew was their size and he couldn't speak to any other info. Very odd.
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So, it's time to leave feedback on this non-transaction. I think the whole thing is pretty dodgy and am inclined to say so. But I wonder, is that poor EBay form? I did get my money back after all. Any opinions from big EBay sellers?
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I'd leave neutral, or nothing at all. It would be hard to explain the situation in the allotted space.
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Not to mention that deadbeat ebayers are really good about leaving retaliatory negative feedback, and ebay won't give a damn.
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