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you are correct, it is kindof an anachronistic sort of premise. (BTW the revolver is actually some kind of laser pistol i think.) in the show, humanity has spread far and wide across the galaxy, much like the westward expansion in the US. worlds are terraformed then colonized with settlers, provisions, cattle, etc. somehow the culture of this time reverted to a wild west type of thing, presumably due to the structure of this settler society. there's no transporters like star trek, limited FTL travel i think, so interstellar law enforcement becomes more difficult. one neat feature they put in the show, all the slang is in chinese. (think bladerunner.) i...am...so...geeky. omigod.
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OK - I'll probably get flamed for this but... Anyone else remember Megaforce? A elite fighting force that used custom motorcycles and dune buggies to stop a tank division... Barry Bostwick doing his best imitation of the Bee Gees. Bradford
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Mega Force had Persis Khambatta (with hair, this time) in it, right? I'm appalled if I knew this....
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Mega Force had Persis Khambatta (with hair, this time) in it, right?  I'm appalled if I knew this....
You are correct. Bradford
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Ever notice how in all those 30's depictions of the future (now) no one is shown as being overweight. lol. They dropped the ball on that one.
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Perhaps the buttonless and laceless look is to give a sort of smoothness to clothing, to make it look more futuristic? Smooth, shiny and spotless seem to say 'futuristic'. Or it could just mean they have found a better way to fasten clothing. And when buttons are involved, they can't be simple rounded buttons, it seems. Some shirts and suits seem to have 'lack' buttons (they are hidden) as well and it does give the shirt or suit-jacket a sleeker look. Perhaps these jackets have hidden buttons as well? Oh... I'm not sure which movie it is, but in one Star Trek movie (with Jean-luc Picard, I think), the characters were wearing some sort of jacket and the first thing I noticed about the jacket (other than its short length) were the big and wide shoulders. I guess natural shoulders didn't quite make it in the (Star Trek) future... Is this 'big and wide shoulders' thing common in Star Trek television shows and movies featuring Picard and crew (Next Generation?)? WJTW
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