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Pressing badly creased ties

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I'm in the process of moving into a new apartment, and just unpacked some things that had been in storage for several months. I discovered that most of my ties were simply thrown into a box haphazardly and covered with other things, and now they are severely creased,well past the point of being able to just hang out. What's the best way of smoothing them back out?
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You might take them to Tiecrafters to have them either cleaned and/or relined. They have several New York branches. The tie will look like new and tie like new when they come back (not ironed and squashed). Only problem-costs about $18 per tie to clean and reline.
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Yeah, I was aware of the Tiecrafters option, but was hoping there'd be something less expensive. Like some special way of hanging them in the shower that I hadn't considered, or something. This wasn't quite as bad as what the contractor did with my network wiring, but I digress....
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Had the same problem w/my move to TX. Try an iron at a lower setting than cotton.
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Steam them in the shower many, may times. They'll get their original shape back.
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Get an iron on the lowest steam setting and a white handkerchief. Lay one out on an ironing board and cover with handkerchief. Iron over it pushing steam button repeatedly, but do not press down, or at least not very hard. This has always worked for me, with some pretty bad thrift shop ties. Be very careful where the label and (hopefully) the self-loop at the back are, to not press down on those. Might want to do that part with the tie flipped upside down to minimize the chance of pressing a loop shape through the front.
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My iron (OK - my wife's) has a silk setting - works great at getting creases out of ties. Bradford
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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Repeat after me: Steam is my friend Steam is my friend I tend to break my own rule and leave ties tied (ones we use on mannequins) for months at a time. To get severe creases out, hang it by the small end and gently steam it with a decent steamer for a few minutes. Worst case i will lay it flat, cover the stemer wand with a soft clean cotton cloth and use gentle pressure over it. Might take two steamings but this should solve it if the tie is well made. You can PM me who made the tie - if it is one using a very cheap wool lining then steam can warp it (thus the maker should be have it tied around their neck and then around a branch). So why the hell don't sheep shrink when it rains anyway?
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100% wool linings are very rarely used, even by top-quality makers. This isn't because they are looking to save a few cents. A 100% wool lining doesn't cost much more than a wool/viscose lining. Viscose simply takes the finishing treatments to stiffen the lining better than wool does, hence the mix of wool and viscose. Many tiemakers buy interlinings pre-cut on the bias, so with most ties twisting and so on should not be of great concern.
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